Epoxy Ashtray

A relative actually made that 5 inch by 5 inch ashtray that's 2.5 inches deep with 2 part epoxy resin & a mold, marijuana treys, stash jars, ashtrays, & to much more to list can be made easily with 2 part Epoxy. Years ago I actually was in the business of creating Stand Up paddle Boards which also use Epoxy expanded Poly Styrene & Fiberglass. Just rambling about how cool Epoxy resin is. This NFT is part of the Chubbs Stash Pass NFT raffle system with monthly giveaways tied to it for all the info on chubbs stash pass such as how to participate try the following link: https://peakd.com/hive-195708/@chubb149/stash-pass-nft-airdrops-tutorial
Collection: Stash Pass
Creator: @chubb149
Total Edition(s): 11
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