My 2022 Hive Goals - Week 4

My hive 2022 Goals and Investment Strategy

Welcome to my weekly series where explain my current hive investment strategies and how they are performing. I attempt to explain what I am doing and what the goal is of doing so and of course make a profit. Join me on this journey and maybe we can make some money together.


Liquidity Pools

An interesting development happened this week with liquidity pools and I was surprised at the radio silence and only seeing one post about. This change was a two part change, first they lowered the deposit withdraw fee on hive engine from 1% to 0.75% and secondly they added a 0.25% fee in liquidity pools that goes to the liquidity providers based on their portion of liquidity. Suddenly diesel liquidity pools became a lot more appealing not only do you get the 24 hours rewards now but you collect fees like regular liquidity pools.

ONEUP:LEO - added more to this pool bringing my stake to 0.008% for this 313.073% APR Pool. The 24 hour rewards are giving me 0.261 ONEUP, 0.009 LVL, 0.046 MEME. not only should I get a bit of leo and oneup from fee but I'm also getting more lvl and oneup from 24 rewards.

SWAP.HIVE:CENT - 0.13% stake. This pools 24 hour rewards provide more cent, centg (governance token), swap.hive, lvl and utopis all tokens I'm trying to accumulate more of.

CENT:POB - 0.064% stake. This pool 24 hour rewards provide more CENT, POB and LVL.

BEE:SWAP.BUSD - 0.002% stake. 24 hour rewards provide more BEE, and a little LVL and PLN.

SWAP.HIVE:PLN - 0.008% stake. Pool for my PLN accumulated from pools. 248% APR, 24 hour rewards give PLN, SWAP.HIVE, SPS, DEC, SIM, CROP, GAMER, SPT, ONEUP, SWAP.STATE essentially play to earn token rewards that I need can use in games.

SPS:SWAP.STATE - 0.017% stake. 108% APR, 24 hour rewards, in SPS, SWAP.STATE, SWAP.DFY.

SWAP.HIVE:DEC - 0.001% stake. slowly rebuilding my stake in DEC liquidity pool should earn me some dec and hive from fees but also DEC in liquidity pools provide double DEC in airdrop points for daily SPS airdrop. 24 hour rewards also provide a bit of BXT.

SWAP.HIVE:BXT - 0.004% stake. This is the highest APR BXT reward pool I saw in the list and is an attempt to accumulate more BXT for the hive from staking. 85.076% APR.

24 hour rewards from liquidity


Any tokens that the reward was < 0.001 were not added in here. This does not seem like much but it is a start it all adds up in the end and the rewards will grow as my stake grows in the pools.

Posts And Curation

My curation and posting was kind of slack again this week, I need to get back on top of it or it is going to continue to slow growth. Hive stats says my curation rewards are at 3.6% APR. I have been up around 4.5% and I missed making 2 posts this week due to being distracted and wasting energy on pointless conversations. So my goal here going forward keep on top of my curation make sure all the communities I have stakes in are getting some curation. Refine my posting to tagging only communities that have interest in my posts. Also continue to delegate to cartel curators for curation rewards.


Certain event occurred this week to cause me to question my faith in some of the projects I am invested in, so I will be attempting to recover my investment from that project so if it does go sideways I will not be at a loss. I also plan to attempt to expand my play2earn holdings to some other play2earn games.

Geno Pets - If you are like me and went ham on Pokémon Go, then Geno pets and move to earn might be for you. They are currently accepting accounts to join their beta waitlist with full launch planned for approximately mid summer. Getting paid to get exercise... Yes!!!

Hash Kings - seems like a fun, somewhat passive income from virtually growing weed. Currently reading how to get started for only $1 Guide.

Dcity - I am already getting tokens for this game from liquidity so I am looking to invest them in a city to make me more passive income.

Psyber X - an Upcoming Battle Royal play2earn game which will also include MMO Gameplay. The reason I'm collecting LVL for loot crate airdrops.


I certainly closed the gap between the my current hive value and what its value was at the start of the year, so my goal of producing tokens fast than the price is falling would seem to be working out if I just keep consistent with my curation and posts, it just might surpass my start year value. Start value of the tokens I am currently showing was about $477.08 and currently on week 4 with all the market value loss my hive value is $469.90.

TokenCurrent PriceTotal ValueLiquidLiquidityStakedDelegated


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Good to see you akwnoledge your fails and try to improve, keep on :)


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