Zeus Flatsak has passed. I miss him.



Well been thinking about this and I'll tell it from Zeus.

His words.

I'm glad he is not hurting anymore.

Our last day.

Sniffs... Sniffs...

So today is great. We went to the farm in the gorge. I loves the farm. I gets to runs and play with the other dogs.

We woke up early and I got to go pee. It's a place I know so I was able to go potty alone. Then I came back inside to snuggle my dad. But it was warm and I went to bed. And curled up just so I could reach over and give my sad a nose rub then we both napped out.

We got up late. And I got to runs. Other dogs were there with us. And I runs so much. It was good. I loved it. Food out and water everywhere. Best place for a dog to runs.

Dad had to work and I knew to not go into the greenhouse. But my tummy hurt. So I had to tell dad.

He was mad.... And cussed me. But my tummy hurt so much. So I went to hide in the corner. Dad has to listen to that...

Dad cussed me and nipped my nose. But dad....

Instantly I could smell his worry. Dad took me out and started calling people lots.

I tried to love dad. But I hurt. My tummy hurts so bad I ran away a couple times to the bushes and tried making a safe place. Dad would come sit with me and protect me. He was so scared. I licked his tears. It's ok it's just a tummy ache. I'll be ok. But I puke. Over and over.

Dad loaded me up and drove really fast. He made my bed next to him. I just wanted to hide in my spot with my bed. But dad made me be near him.

I was helping alot. I'm so sorry dad I know I'm not to yell.. I can't help it. Why are you not telling at me for it dad? Why is my dad so scared? Why are you driving so fast?

A bolt of pain hits me. My tummy hurts so bad I can't hide it. I try to go to the safest place. Under my dad's legs.... dad does kinda cuss me and stops me....

We are driving slower and I'm wimpering. It hurts so bad dad. Why are you scared? Did I be bad?

I puke again. On dad's nice towel. He is going to be so mad. Why isn't he yelling at me? Why am.i not in trouble? Why do I hurt dad?

We stop. Dad calls. He is so scared. What did I do?

A lady comes out. I am snuggling with dad. I hurt so bad I didn't bark her. I can just pant and wimper...

The last takes me inside away from dad. I hurt so bad but she has my leash and I'm a working dog. This leash means I'm working. And I obey. For dad.

They take me inside and give me an x-ray. They get really worried. They give me an IV and pain meds. I've been through surgery for my hip so I know this. I don't like it... But I hurt....

After a while they lead me into a room. There is dad! I'm so tired and I hurt but here is my dad.

He is so sad. I lick his tears away. I don't like these new people. They are really nice to me. But they are new. And I'm here for dad. So I try to defend dad and block them. They have to attack me first. I gotta protect dad.

We sit for a while. Dad can tell I hurt still. I try to just snuggle with dad. He hears my wimpers and gets up and gets on the phone.

A few mins later a lady comes and talks with dad. I try to move and block her from getting close to dad. But dad has me snuggled in his lap and I'm so tired.... Why am I tired dad? And so groggy...

I loves you dad. We rub noses as he cries. I lick up his tears.

I know. I love you with all my heart Dad. And I am so tired. I'll just sleep with Dad snuggling me. I loves him so much.

I get worked up. Where is my dad! I runs really fast. Chicken strips and balls everywhere. I eats and chase balls for a while....

I walk over to the bright person. Where is my dad?

He isn't going to be here d.for a long time. You are here to watch over him....

But I loves dad. He is my world.

You will be safe here. You have walked the rainbow bridge and will be here for him. He will need you that day.

Was I bad? Where is my dad?

No silly dog... You were the best. That's why you are here. This is where the best dogs go. You will be safe here until you both are together again. You can run fast forever here.


I'm devastated. Heartbroken. And at a total loss.

This blog is now the most sad thing I have done. And the happiest. My dog had such heart and love. And it shows.

I miss you. And you were a brat. But only to tease me back. For all the teasing we did together.

I'm so sorry. But your health issues were known. We had the best life together we could have had. I would have changed a thing.

I need to start getting more into this account and helping others. You did so much for me before and always.

I'll never forget that you saved me over and over. You were my blessing. Thank you.


The last picture of Zeus Flatsak.

He came over to me and flopped down rolled over and gave me the most goofy expression ever. And then he even held it just so I could grab the phone and get a picture of him being a total goofball.

I am sorry everyone as this was extremely hard to write. Gallons of tears were shed in telling this story.

There was never a dog as loyal as this one was.


My puppy absolutely loved getting dressed up and for some reason had a thing for this bow tie.

it was kind of funny that I would take it off because it was getting dirty and he would act all crazy and demand that I put it back on his collar.

May we Chase balls until I meet you again. I'm so glad I have had you in my life.


Loves you. You are the bestest ever....

My heart is broken now but I will never forget you.


You are making me bawl my eyes out. Love to you and to Zeus.


It's one of the hardest things I've written.

He was amazing.


Dude that is so fucking heart breaking! Been thinking about you bro.


Thank you for all your support help and friendship.

Dog lives matter.


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