French Cookie - QCGoldTech


French Cookie - QcGoldtech

QcGoldtech is a small Quebec company. They produce 9 different strains. It’s impressive for such a small company. The price point is really affordable. I was curious about their product. Also I had never tried something for the cookie family, so it was time.

French Cookie

French Cookie

French Cookie with packaging

French Cookie top view

French Cookie close up

French Cookie close up top view

French Cookie close up


I bought ⅛ th and it was only small buds, They are not great looking honestly. I was disappointed by that. Also, it’s sold in a bag, it seems to be crushed or pressed in the shipping or something. You can see some orange filament though and it's a beautiful dark green.


You smell some sweet and spice. There isn’t a strong cannabis smell. It’s nearly enjoyable.


For the first time, I don't know if it was the vaporizer, but I could smoke weed for the taste. It’s sweet with some spice and a little bit of pepper. It tastes like it smells but sweeter. It’s hard to stop, it’s really a treat.


Ok, that’ll be tricky. I was with my in-laws and started to talk about cannabis. My mother-in-law wanted to try the vaporizer. I put some French Cookies in it since I was eager to taste it.

I took a little bit with my mother in law and I already had a beer. I didn’t feel much effect. I was happier, more inclined to laugh. It was less stressful. I’m normally reserved in social situations, but I felt at ease. I must say it was a good day, so maybe it was just that.

When they left I took much more. I felt a small visual buzz and some body buzz, I was happier, but that’s.

Two days later, I tried it a little more. I had a nice warm body buzz. I was feeling the warmth in my lungs and stomach, that was weird. I was happier and calmer, life was slowing. I got a
small visual buzz too.

In general, I found the effect very light. If I try to take too much, I get a couch lock. It was hard to get a middle ground.


It’s a day weed : you take it in small doses to get a light buzz for your normal activity. When the buzz is gone, you take a little again. It’s soft, but it gives life a little funny edge.


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