My experience with "crazy brownie".

Hello cannabis community

I'm Nicolas, I'm 23 years old and I wanted to tell you about my first experience with a "crazy brownie".
I had never tried it before, nor had I any knowledge of what it could cause me, I imagined that it would be the same as smoking, even stronger for eating them, but no more than that, I had an experience that I could say was fun but at the same time complex.
I live with my partner, she was the one who cooked it, also for the first time, I use a higher amount than you can recommend mostly, but (it's our first time). Still it was very tasty, to put a time, at 18:00 I ate a not so big portion of the brownie with a tea and cheese biscuits.
18:30 I didn't feel any effect, so I decided to have a smoke and that's when it all started and ended at 02:00 am.

When eating

I started taking everything with more grace than usual, I felt my body looser, to laugh, I was very relaxed, I continued eating crackers with cheese, I went to some chips, I felt very hungry, and meanwhile I looked at pictures that I keep in my pc, with relatives and very important relationships for me, there I had a bad trip, I started to cry a lot telling a monologue to each person I saw in the pictures that is important, I repeated over and over again different words to refer to each of those people. (All this with Post Malone in the background).
At that moment many relational issues came to my mind, personal issues that I discuss today with my psychologist and that I am trying to overcome day by day. But that moment, crying inconsolably while alone under the effect of the brownie, can be very metaphorical if I was crying pictures of people... who didn't die. Thinking beyond attracts me more to this world of cannabis and the psychedelics, everyday life mostly doesn't allow you these movements, these are real mental movements, thinking beyond what we can see with our human eyes, and thinking with our human minds.

After the crying, came more hunger, and I wanted to cook, all this was not past 20: 00, but before starting (we have two kittens living with us) and I see one of them eating, and I imagined the worst thing that can happen to him, I imagined me hurting him, then I started to fear that I could do something to him, I am absolutely against mistreatment, whoever it is, I felt that in the state I was in I didn't know what was real from what I imagined, I turned on the oven to cook and I imagined that I had put a kitten in there, then I paused, turned off the oven, checked 3 times where my kittens were, and I lay down for 30 minutes to wait for that state of euphoria with them to pass.
After 30 minutes of lying down with my kittens, hunger did not spare me, but I got up to cook.
I was still in a strange state, I was making movements that I usually don't make and at that moment I didn't want to make, but I was making them, moving from one side to the other, just because, without any reason.
I ate a lot, while I was cooking noodles I ate some chicken Milanese that I cooked almost at the same time, the hunger did not stop, eating I felt the chicken Milanese like sand in my mouth, which felt asleep, like anesthetized, with my eyes and mouth made strange movements, like those who consume cocaine, something similar I remember, like the eyes of a snail, that expand or hide felt my eyes. I was moving from one side of the house to the other, thinking a lot of things that I can now attribute to nonsense, I didn't realise
I started to eat the noodles with creamy cheese, I think I didn't even finish half of the plate, as I ate I felt that I couldn't fit any more food, and as it was cheese I felt that it was sticking to the inside of my body, I had to go to the bathroom but nothing happened, I took a bath and tried to relax, I felt that I was moving very fast and time was passing very slowly.
The clock struck 9:00, I still felt the effect on me, I started to play video games and I enjoyed them like when I was a kid, I felt that that was what I had to do, without thinking about bills, money, work.
Very nostalgic experience, as if to address why it is so hard for us to bond with each other outside of what we know as an everyday thing.
After all the madness and paranoia, I was able to go to bed and sleep peacefully, I can tell you that beyond the negative, the "bad trip", it was a nice experience. it was a nice experience.

Even so, I would like to recommend, with my little experience, that if you are going to consume, do it in a safe place and with people you trust, so that you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Thank you very much to the community @weed for being able to share this experience, it can be funny and silly at the same time, take the most important of this post telling my experience that when you do something you do not know, find out before, study and read, and always do it accompanied, greetings.

Here are some pictures for you to see, what do you think?


jajaja me sigue dando risa como cuando me contaste lo que paso, para la próxima haslo en compañia amigo es "más" seguro. El brownie me provoco 😝


Hats off, applause.

Very nice trip, for one moment I felt like u took a small dose of LSD-25 instead of cannabis (in fact some people really have hard trips with oral cannabis).

Keep it up and stay safe, well done.

Next step --> Psylocibe Cubensis mushrooms.