Hivemysoul: CITIZEN and life shortz


For the first thing to point out a citizen is just another word to say slave. A slave is a servant without rights because of threat duress and coercion and possible mind control, to their master without whome has any natural to do so, does so anyways because of either being a "patri-idiot" "statist", or he/she is an evil son of a 》£/"&.

Or both.

On the moral side of things. On the spritual side. To evolve and stuff.

To be the one that rules over another is just plain downright illogical, irational and stupid beyond any shadow of a doubt. And many people today enjoy being just that unfortunatly.

What else do many people enjoy? Its very frightening but nearly the whole world has stockholm syndrom (love for their master).

These are the people that have lived under a false liberty through fear and intimidation and became comfortable with it. These people are also members of a dangerous cult already mentioned above. And these people will even sacrifice themselves for it.

You may call yourself a free man but the moment you bend that knee for the faith of the one enslaving you into submission to support this cult, whether you believe in it or not, your in for a world of hurt.

Say no to citizenships and be free.


Pure sativa. I have been mixing races from wild seeds here and there and have produced this. Pretty potent but low count on the crystals. This was fed water boiled with banana peels (cooled down obviously) and also had milk in their diet during their growing phase. Plenty of water, care, love and a sudden freeze in temperature that caused almost all to stop growing on their bud.

My fault for planting these a bit late. I will be re planting some new ones to leave indoors. Needs more green life in here. Help clean the air a bit.

Getting a washing machine. Thats gonna aleviate my back plenty. Less strain the better. Been handwashing everything for years.

Feels good sometimes but daddy needs to relax sometimes. Will post it when I get it.

Also my WEED is not for sale.

I will be making some THC candy gummies. Need to find me a seed that gives off indica. CBD is what I need.

So, I need go into town and find me some materials.


This is the one that survived the freeze. Has not been that cold again. Yet.

Onward to the chore list.


Current reality. Its still much better than what our ancestors had to go through. No complaints there but can still be better.

Where's the nano robots or a sound machine to vibrate the dirt and grime away?