Skatehive issued a DHF proposal !


Yeah Right! Skatehive will be part of the Stoken Fam

And we need your support on our proposal

We have seen many hive apps emerging all over and we thought of finally make our own. Our intention is to join the best features we could find in web3 apps to create our tribe with our own token distribution and from that create the most fun hive dapp. We want all to happen on community based decisions and that starts by this community deciding to support our proposal. Stoken aims to empower athletes, artists and savy content creators. Try to imagine as your content and community sponsoring you! You can find further information in our temporary info website

Going back to the fun part one of our newest members of Skatehive @Renanmatic edit this clip from our last ride together also celebrating this moment and showed how stoken power overcome broken boards.


Reach out to us in Discord to know more about it

What Stoken plans to bring to Hive 🍯
Unique name, and meme-ified branding that will stand out above the hard to find Hive brand.
Real world events tied to web3 content creation.
Attracting non crypto content creators, into web3.
Exciting content to bring in non crypto audience.
Focus on onboarding large, existing communities. i.e: Reddit skateboarding: 385k members, and Redbull: 10 million YouTube subscribers.
NFTs. Plans include real world utility, fund raising, and future gamification.
DTF ( Decentralized Token Fund )
Stoken DAO: Decentralized voting system to allow the community to sponsor athletes, content creators, influencers, and real world events.
A new token for you to earn for doing Hive stuff!
Possibility of future airdrop of governance tokens. 

Skatehive LINKS Click for voting (1).gif👇
The skaters of the old steemskate community joined LBRY and Peakd communities together through the swarm we formed a greater community called Skatehive.
Peak Channel

Vote on our Hive proposal for STOKEN

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Our proposal is about creating our own tribe platform and we are starting by creating our token our goal is to use the power of web3, to enable people to get rewarded for doing what gets them, and others stoked. Though Stoken is inspired by the stoke generated by extreme sports, we believe stoke is universal, and we do not want to prevent anyone from sharing their stoke with others.

Thanks for the continuous support


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Stoke can beat anything bro! Perfect Flip and @renanmatic edited this one so well!

Cheers and let's make some noise!