Sugar Shack - Addition to the Hash Rosin Database


Hello friends and fellow tokers! Today I will be passing on information I learned while processing a strain for Hash Rosin.

This is an interesting case and I'm happy to share my experience.

This is a strain I phenohunted from a half pack of seeds from Shwale Sugar Shack is a cross of Baker's Dozen (I believe it is the same strain used) and Sugar Coat. Overall this cut was selected because it made a higher percentage of Hash compared to the other female I got from the pack. The genetics are legit and talking to other people online that have grown it have been happy with their outcomes. The hash I made from this plant grown indoors was amazing but the rosin it made from my outdoor is.... interesting.

I cannot say for sure why, but it seems that the terpenes preserved when growing indoors were not present in the outdoor grow. Rosin I make generally has a "shatter" consistency after being freshly pressed but it soon "butters" up and crystalizes in a way that can be more easily handled. After a few weeks, my Sugar Shack rosin still has barely buttered up at all. This is literally the first time that has happened to me and I wonder if it is due to the lack of terpenes present. The smell of the finished rosin is pretty generic.

In the spirit of limited space and time, I think it is time to cull my 2 Sugar Shack cuts to make room for a Sugar Shack x GMO cross I have growing.


Starting Material

Was great but nothing smelled that much, usually I like to get a bag of material and the smell is seeping out of the bags, when I wash it the room reeks of it, when I press it the smell can't be ignored. None of this happened for this strain though the plants were well grown and well prepped for processing.







I am really bummed I did not find a keeper from my half pack of seeds (I would have had a full pack but I burned the other half pack while germinating - don't leave them on the light on accident). But, it is a feeling of progress even when determining what you don't want in your stable as much as finding a keeper. I still have a lot of excitement for my pack of seeds I am currently hunting. Though it is Sugar Shack, it is selected for a cut that produces hash AND it is crossed with GMO, a known DUMPER.

Database Info

Strain name and ancestry: Sugar Shack (Sugar Coat x Baker's Dozen)
Seed or clone: Seed - Phenohunted myself from seeds purchased from breeder.
Outdoor/Indoor/Greenhouse: Outdoor
Nutrient line or soil conditions: Organic inputs, No-Till
Date Harvested: 1st week in October
Cold room temperature at time of wash: 52
Soak time before wash: 30 Minutes
Number of individual rounds of washes and length of time: 7 washes - 6-12 minutes
Total starting weight: 3000
Range of microns used for hash: 45-159
Total weight of dried hash out of the freeze dryer: 120
Total pressed weight of finished rosin: 110
Number of plants: 5
Grams of Rosin Per Plant: 22 Grams
Percentage Return from total FF weight: 3.6%

This information is being added to the Hash Rosin Database, a way for us to track and keep records of different strains and how well they produce for Hash Rosin.

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I guess when your dealing with something so high in THC, it really does come down to the terps don’t it?