Platinum Garlic - Addition to the Hash Database


Hello weed connoisseurs, aficionados, and snobs!

Today I will be sharing with you the results of my batch of Rosin: Platinum Garlic. Platinum Garlic is a cross between GMO and Platinum.

Starting Material

All of the material I have got from this grower has been great. It is prepped properly and quickly put into a freezer to attempt to preserve all of the terpenes and trichome heads we can. If left at room temperature after cutting, you risk the membranes bursting and resin leaking out, and that is unrecoverable in the method (bubble hash) we use. If we were "blasting" (making BHO) these are things that can be recovered, there is a little more leeway in that method, but our way is solventless.


The Wash

I personally love GMO and it's crosses, its one of my favorite flavor profiles up there with Mendobreath and Triangle Kush. The more I get to try different strains, the more I realize I love the "gassy" terps. What's cool is my gf prefers the fruitier strains, so if we can find a strain we both enjoy I think that could be something special for more consumers.

The reason I bring that up is you can almost tell how "tasty" the strain is going to be as rosin when you wash it. If the room fills up with the smell, that's usually a good sign (although you are smelling the off-gassed terpenes, usually there are still quite a bit left after the process).

This strain made my room reek, in a good way.


The Press

I typically run two presses, the first being 180 degrees the second being 210



Final Numbers



One thing I realized that needed to be included in this database is source of the strains. For instance, anyone can pop a pack of seeds of a named strain and pass along a cut under that name. That doesn't mean it is the "popular" cut or even a cut used for hash. In the previous post, "Super Boof" was washed, a specific cut of a strain. Different phenos will show different expressions that may make them seem like completely different strains. In a single pack of seeds you can find completely different flavor expressions and large ranges of hash returns. Just because it's parents are hashers doesn't mean that was passed down. Moving forward, I will do my best to detail this information the best I can. Fact is, the more hands there are in the process the harder it can be to track that down.

This will be most accurate when they are cuts that I personally pass along. Currently, we have 2 different cuts of "Rotten Fruit Cocktail" we are testing, these will be included in the details of the reports.

Database Info

Strain name and ancestry: Platinum Garlic (GMO X Platinum)
Seed or clone: Clone
Outdoor/Indoor/Greenhouse: Indoor
Nutrient line or soil conditions: Athena Blended Line
Type and wattage of lights: Spiderfarm 2000w LEDS and Double Ended Gavida HPS running at 600W
Length of veg: "Roughly 5 Weeks"
Temp 72-76
Humidity 65-70
Flower: 8 Weeks
Temp: 72-76
Humidity: 55-60
Length of flower time: 8 Weeks
Cold room temperature at time of wash: 59-63
Soak time before wash: roughly 2 hrs
Number of individual rounds of washes and length of time: 7 washes - 6-12 minutes
Total starting weight: 664 Grams fresh frozen
Range of microns used for hash: 45-159
Total weight of dried hash out of the freeze dryer: 24 Grams
Total pressed weight of finished rosin: 18.12 Grams
SQ ft of material: 7.4
Grams Rosin per SQ FT: 2.44

This information is being added to the Hash Rosin Database, a way for us to track and keep records of different strains and how well they produce for Hash Rosin.

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Stunning! I hope to get to try this one day bro.


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I would start here:

Watch it about 3 times (bare minimum to understand).

Once you try it, watch it again (you would be surprised how much you pick up after actually trying it that you didn't understand the first 3 times).

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i would like the contains of my buds but i am from argentina and i dont have a lab to do it :D


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