Greasy Karl main street hustle

When i was 15 in my home town in the great white North all the kids like 2 blaze and kick hacky sack in front of the local gram to statue. i knew if i wanted 2 make ends meet i needed to turn a gram into an 8th let me rewind a bit this is north of 60 where a gram was 20 finally now in the time of my bro Trudeau its down 2 10 a gram back to the story that is fact not fiction all i had to do was walk 2 blocks from main 2 greasy Karl's turn 8th into quarter so on and so on we had it made cause only me and my bro knew greasy and all the kids wish they where us cause we had the best hook up getting quarters for 80 everyone else paying 120 we used 2 flip dip and be back on da block everyday now that i look back i wonder what ever happened to greasy cause he turned me and my bro into the men we are today .stay tuned for the next episode
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