Seniors Join the Legal Cannabis Revolution- A Pro for Decriminalization and Legalization



Baby Boomers and their parents are joining the fray and purchasing legal cannabis in droves. Interest in legal cannabis sales in dispensaries has been supported by Boomers, and the latest trend is elder use of cannabis products for health and recreational purposes.

The medical and recreational markets for cananbis have seen an increase in demand since the COVID-19 lockdown began. Older Americans are using cannabis for medical ailments, as cannabis dispensaries have been allowed to be opended due to their essential industry classification. Many elective surgeries such as knee and hip replacements have been postponed, and savy consumers are turning to medical cannabis instead of dangerous opiods.

According to a recent study, 10% of adults had used cannabis products within the last 6-months. They are using it for medical reasons, and it makes sense they would do so to avoid opioid usage. Last year, 47,000 Americans died of opiod abuse in America. Legal cannabis from a dispensary is a safer choice.

If you work in the legal cannabis industry, it makes sense that your business would reach out to elders for pain management. Consider this new democratic as one who will drive the market when Congress reconvenes to further legalize and decriminalize cannabis. Remember, elderly Americans are the largest voting demographic, so educate them on candidates who support cannabis legalization and decriminalization.


Picture from Pixabay.