The first #ever Green SKB social dance in Chiang Mai


or maybe in the world.. O.o (Overexaggerating #lol)

Some of you may know, a few friends and I just opened up a cannabis dispensary in Chiang Mai but we'd like to have it a bit differently than just come in and get your green, then done. We want to be more. We'd like to have a space where people can also come relax and have fun. We want to be more of a community, a place where all the events being held and so on..


A few weeks ago, we came up with this idea. With the election was happening, most of the bars and alcohol places were going to be closed because no alcohol could be served but.. could they smoke? could they eat? well, maybe..


This maybe the first time ever that Latin Dance x Cannabis in Chiang Mai city. A special green SBK social dance party at The Spot Dispensary on Nimman Soi 11 and we have our dear friend, DJ Rafael spinning some tunes (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba). Also paid him with some greens and not $ (That's how cool things got)

Now, with another Buddhist holiday and we're a buddhist country, this Saturday again all the bars and alcohol places will be close.


The Spot is throwing a casual dance sesh on June 3, 2023 once again.

To make it even more fun, there's NO ENTRY FEE for this event! We would also love to introduce our products to everyone so there are Non-alc drinks, craft sodas, craft kombuchas, flowers, infused treats are available for purchase.

Now with the 'Free' entry, why are we even doing this, you ask?
Well, as mentioned, we are a new cannabis dispensary that just opened, and we want to get the local communities familiar with our spot. Most importantly, to build communities!

We hope you can come and be a part of the party (If you happen to be here in Chiang Mai!), or even if not, please help spread the word to the people you may know who live here! It's going to be an alcohol-free, casual & fun-filled night, and we can't wait to see you there!


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