Telling a story

With bread & body proper stowed,
I come back to this empty plow.
Here, I once sparked a lighter twice
to catch the tip of my rolled spice.

I placed body on gentle mound,
some farmer's hope set in humus.
I set my eyes on distant lights,
while black clouds in fretful turmoil
poured away from all men's worn sight.

The rain came down & touched my splif,
my smoked lips caught the runny spit.
I drank my fill of wet shaped pose
but earth was hungrier than I told.

She drank until her borders broke
& soon like flotsam, I bobbed fro.
I scraped my throat through thrums of rain
but every animal fled their way.

I bobbed into my mother's breast,
to suckle from her hacking chest;
She sat by window, in sunset,
round for my call to ease her rest.

I ebbed through my lover's taut dream
but she gabbed her limbs in mole's bead.
The flood boiled in a monstrous hole
& mad, the moon guilded that cove.

I drowned in dark & shameless fear;
naked, I prayed my saviour near.
They will find me, I promised there;
as light thinned & darkness adhered.

Is this the end, my pilgrim poem?
I wondered far as my tomb fell.
Soon, in the hue of a cruel storm,
a crow rose like an ashen gust.

It cawed, plunged pass my starving breath
& from it, I heard the city's knell.
I grabbed the grass from stunted skulls,
pulled each tuft & found the well's up.

The water floundered & dragged me down.
I could hear Erebus' giggle loud.
I struggled in foul briny thirst
& found my feet on dead men's breath.

I clambered through the muddy scene,
probing worm's tricks in soupy sheen.
I prayed a god came, heavens urge,
guide my feet off this ledge of sludge.

I crawled my knees split, then raw,
out of grass, covered in mud,
found the sun its yellow palace
& screamed for joy under the blue.

& my one witness, a simple
cow munched sadly near a shallows.
Where did all the rain fall into?
The greedy earth gave me a tow.

I fell among throng of roses,
wreaths of all lost in that story.
I heard the tales of dead heroes
& told no one of my tomb stone.

I keep the weed as far as bees
& that plow is filled with adobes.