Traces Of Spice Cuisine From The Leaves Or Seeds Of Cannabis

Since the first, cannabis is an integral part of the cuisines of the cuisine of Aceh. Cannabis seeds are finely milled, it becomes one of the ingredients that must be added in the cooking process the meat to be more tender and it feels more steady.

One of the known uses of herbs cannabis seeds is gravy beulangong. Foods such as stew made from the meat is cooked with the use of a large cauldron or pot, which in the language of Aceh called beulangong. The size of the skillet or pot that is quite large with a diameter reaching up to 1 meter.

The meat used is usually beef, goat, or buffalo meat mixed with fruit, jackfruit, or there is also the use of banana kepok.

Afif, journalist in Aceh explained, the use of cannabis seeds is a hereditary tradition in the culinary Aceh. "Cannabis seeds are ground serves to make the meat cooked quickly padded. In addition it gives a taste that is more satisfying meal," he said.

First, said Afif, marijuana commonly grown in the yard of the house residents to be taken the seeds as a spice. However, he continued, as more intense and forbidding the circulation of marijuana by the authorities, it is difficult to get marijuana seeds for the purposes of the dishes. "If we ask to the people who sell in stalls to eat, they certainly will not admit that use herbs marijuana seeds. But it's been a public secret was that the cuisine in Aceh, especially the soup beulangong most use spice to it," he said.

He added, in addition to making the meat more tender, eat cuisine that uses marijuana seeds make your appetite increase. "Eat more delicious, the taste the tongue want to eat constantly," he said.

About the effects, Afif said, the sleepiness will attack after eating cuisine that uses spices cannabis seeds. "Just tastes different cuisines that use of cannabis seeds or not. Like not wear mecin (MSG) the flavor of the food is not tasteful," he said.

In addition to cuisine, there are also cannabis seeds that have been milled is mixed with coffee powder. However, Afif claimed to not really know the process of mixing the powder of seeds of cannabis in coffee. He knows, cannabis plant could instead be used for medicine. "For diabetes or diabetes, its root is boiled continuously water is taken. Can also to cure pain hot children. But now it is rare, because the plants are hard to come by," he said.

To know the taste of the cuisine of Aceh, went to one restaurant that serves the typical menu of the City of veranda of Mecca the. Located in the Center of Jakarta restaurant was quite crowded. One of the typical food of Aceh are much sought after visitors is the curry fish head snapper. Snapper head-sized can be eaten by three people. The sauce is a thick concentrated, savory feels a little spice. Meat head the big fish gently.

Interestingly curry is increasingly felt satisfying meal when mixed with oil from the sambal sour shrimp. A mixture of savory goulash with sour shrimp be taste different but satisfying meal. Sambal sour shrimp is one of the cuisines that is a favorite in the restaurant. Sambal sour shrimp is made of starfruit mixed with shrimp. The taste of sour but not too spicy.

Restaurant owner Ibrahim (63) say, if almost all cuisines in Aceh using cannabis seeds. He said, the people of Aceh use of cannabis seeds in the food because in ancient times there was no flavor as it is now.

According to the man from Aceh, the tradition of using cannabis seeds to in cooking is hereditary. Even in the days of the kingdom of Aceh was also used for the food of the king. In addition, in Aceh is an area of fertile marijuana plants. So do not be surprised when citizens use cannabis seeds as a mix of on refined cuisine.

"In Aceh times first almost all cuisines of the use of marijuana. Marijuana it's because of the flavoring, in the olden days of baseball there is a flavoring plant," he said

Generally the cuisine of Aceh is typical with herbs and spices. Therefore, in Aceh, many residents of mixed Malay, Arab and Indian. But, due to enhance the taste of cuisine then dicampurlah with cannabis seeds. Cuisine such as curry chicken or meat, chili and curry will be more steady if you use cannabis seeds. After the mixed cuisine that will taste savory and delicious. Same is the case with the use of a flavor enhancer on the market.

Before blended into the cuisine, cannabis seeds made smooth as other seasonings. The levels also have to be adjusted with how many dishes that will be cooked. For example cook one of the goats made curry or goulash at least use one ounce of cannabis seeds that has been mashed.

Ibrahim revealed, the after effects of eating cuisine that uses cannabis seeds a person will feel hungry faster. Can't say if the increased appetite.

Male children two of these explained that in addition to the food, the coffee in Aceh also commonly mixed with cannabis seeds. The taste of the coffee will taste different with the usual coffee. It feels good and fresh. Concoction is there because the first in Aceh on the side of a coffee tree are the tree of cannabis.

"But if now it is not there," he said.

He added, first the people of Aceh do not know if the leaves of cannabis can be smoked. They only know the marijuana is as a flavoring cuisine. Therefore it is not a taboo when the average of the population has a marijuana plant. Cannabis plants like grass, though cleared will grow back. It was to be legitimate and not problematic.

"Because really for flavoring not the others," he said.

Meanwhile, according to Nining, members of the Indonesian Gastronomic Association (IGA) not all of the cuisine of Aceh wear cannabis seeds. These marijuana seeds only as a flavoring with content which is not much. He said, the cannabis seeds in the cuisine of Aceh is not the main seasoning.

There is no sense of difference which significant between cuisine using cannabis seeds or not. The composition of spices used in the cuisine of Aceh which will be more pronounced. Expertise mix the spices being the main cuisine that feels satisfying meal.

"If anything of use (of marijuana) at the tip of a nail," said Nining.


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