OG Kush Auto! Start to finish Series! Wild Ride! [Part 1: The First Enclosure]

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Part 1: The First Enclosure [Buckle Up]

  • The starting Point
    Well with very limited space at the moment to put the grow it started with a vision that you think you would only see in a syfy movie from the 80's.

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What you are looking at here is the start of the enclosure I speak of and the first habitat for the girls. I was on a mission on this project even though as the series goes on you will see the long road ahead for the first grow! The first thing that was done was the area clean up to measurements which was predetermined to be 3'x4'. Had to cut the carpet a bit to expose concrete floor but that was one of the easy obstacles 😂😂😂 have to laugh at it now as a learning experience which you all know is apart of the first. Had to figure out how to hang the chosen material for reflection which were space blankets. Figured out to hang a cross bar from the ceiling rafters followed by another cross beam to hold the door and be the support on the front of the enclosure. Below are the steps that were taken and the tools used and even done to the light brand and specs.

  • 3 - C clamps
  • 1 2x4 7'
  • 1 Vice grip
  • 1 1x4 7'
  • Bloomspect 3000W Led grow Light w/Vegetive and Bloom switch's.

To solve the issue of the 2x4 not being 8' to be a complete and long enough board to reach the floor I rigged it up to the rafter with my vice grip, PERFECT solution. Then came the time to figure out how to run a cross beam to create the frame for the space blankets to attach to and fold over. I had a perfect idea IN MY HEAD 💪😂🤙 so it came to life. That is what you will encounter in this series this is only the frame the rest gets more interesting! Below is the finished frame and light hung in the middle of the skeleton if you will.

The skeleton of the enclosure!


Again this is only the beginning and my 1st post to WeedcashNetork community with a reason other then bought marijuana to combat my PTSD not anymore! Stick around for more in the series as I run into twists and bumps in the road during this journey of my first grow! I have always supported Canna-Curate and into the weedcashnetwork here on hive even back to its beginnings on steem the old but the new it absolute! Also represent the Veterans of Hive!

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That's a beautiful grow space you built man. I'm looking forward to seeing your future growing posts on Weedcash!