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Hey welcome to hive! Consider making an Intro post so that we can all get to know you.

some things that I am always interested in knowing is..

How or when did you first get into crypto?

How or when did you first hear about hive?

Not to be intrusive, but.. How old are you? where are you from?

[Its commonly encouraged that folks make their posts a bit longer than the bare minimum, and to put a bit of flavor and love into their content because the idea is for others to be able to show their appreciation and engage with you, and upvote and assign value to it, so really want to do your best, and take a little time to make this stuff shine!

^^ Those questions I asked ^^

Are the things you should write in your #introduceyourself post. You should consider making one.

You should stop by "The Terminal" discord channel if you have any questions, or need any help getting started.

Stop by this blog I wrote and checkout this list of helpful links I put together for new folks like you!