Passiflora Incarnata (Passion Flower) - A Herb of Natural Wonders

A Medicinal Examination of Passion Flower Incarnata:

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Often referred to as the Maypop, this bountiful herb will be the source of our focus in this articlulate examining -majorly- the effects of consuming such, and additionally, general information regarding the herb, its' vine and subsequent flower.

Where it Can Be Found

Passiflora Incarnata Vine and Herb

This important medicinal and traditional vine-herb, can be found abundantly growing in sunny, usually sub-tropical, climates, and is native to those southern states of the U.S.A.

  • Although a perennial vine, it can be found growing also north of this climate when introduced, such as that of Humid-Continental and Mediterranean climates in climate zones 7-10, in full sun.

  • Requiring ample water and drainage, this plant does well in relatively wet conditions of PH usually between 5.5 and 7.0.

General Growth

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Purple PassionFlower Plant, or The Passion of Christ

Additionally, the flower the vine produces, the Purple PassionFlower, is traditionally used to add flavour and tastes to dessert dishes.

The flower itself is a wonderful display of beauty, and can be admired from afar or up close - no matter; the flower is a colour of thought one can gaze at without a care.

Medicinal Use

Passiflora Incarnata has been used for centuries because of its' proclaimed mental and medical health benefits.

  • Although there are a lack of studies examining this, I can personally vouch for certain personal effects that I, myself, feel.

That being said, I personally believe the usage and change in feeling of ones' self through use of this herb is directly relevant to:

  • the user's mindset at the time;
  • the user's environment surrounding;
  • the user's tolerance over time; and
  • the user's personal brain chemistry reactivity with the herb -*being different in everyone-, also affected by medications.

As so, those taking MAOI Inhibitor's should exercise caution if trying PassionFlower; and those on anti-depressants should be weary of possible interaction -dependant on time taken-.



Dosing this herb can be different for every user. The best saying though, is start low and go slow.

Dry Passiflora Incarnata can be smoked in dry air, ground up, and encapsulated to be consumed -or sometimes supplemented as this-, smoked directly, or prepared for a tea.

Culturally being used traditionally in indigenous ceremonies for burning and smoking; there are effects that can become visible to one if used consistently in some cases. Sometimes if consumed regularly:

Anti-Depressant Effects

These effects generally become visible when dosing PassionFlower tea, or when consuming such daily, encapsulated.

  • Daily dose ranges are between 100mg twice daily to 200mg maximum daily.

Excess of this may cause the following effects:

Sedative and Relaxant Effects - Anxiety, Insomnia, Epilepsy;

These effects generally become visible when PassionFlower is encapsulated or smoked, and can begin to show prominence over regular bodily function compared to a lesser dose when one increases to reach this point. Generally, sleepiness, calming of the nerves and a lowering of anxiety can occur here.

  • A single dose at this point, no often then once or twice a week when needed, should be consumed at a dose of approximately 350mg-500mg to reach sedative and relaxing effects.

  • When smoking, start low and go slow, and begin with a single "hit" to see how you feel.

Increase this slowly to get to the feeling you would like - possibly with the nice mixture of cannabis!; reaching forward:

Visual Stimulation and Perceptual Differences - Bodily Stimulation; Psychoactive and Hypnotic Effects

Essentially, this is any point above 700mg+ and in my opinion should only be done when one is possibly combining with something the likes of Kava Kava for a profound experience, or when one has the ability to stay awake past sedation and possibly experience everything this herb has to offer - once every two weeks to one month at this dose-.

  • Again, this target is generally reached when dosing anywhere from 500mg-1200mg (for certain people; everyone ia different)

Effects at this point can sometimes include some open-eyed visuals; a heavy but relaxed body load; a reduction in stress and lowering of anxiety; and sometimes a loss of perceptual feelings leading to a hypnotic feeling that some people on the popular site * write.

Some people also describe a loss of inhibitions and a lowering of personal self-control at higher doses, especially when combined with other substances.


See *1* below


Information sourced from personal knowledge,, and 1: pictures + poem from PictureThis plant identifier and information application.

For now I say, safe journeys throughout your mind - whether through calm or thought; or from journeys procuring, foraging, growing and harvesting your own flower and vine-herb. Enjoy everything that Passion Flower has to offer, and;

Don't be afraid to get a conversation going here!

Thanks for sticking around!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay #herbal everyone!

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Such a wonderful write up on the amazing Passion Flower. I am so lucky to have it growing wild where I am and the beauty of the flower always blows me away. I dry some for tea and have always found that it helps to relax me. xxxx

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Passiflora Tea can be a wonderful relaxant and you are so blessed to have this amazing herb growing wild all around you!