Why I Like General Goals


There's a time & place for advice & tricks.
It's all about priming the mind to know when to apply which.

In the world of improvement, specific goals get a lot of love.
On the flip side, general goals get little to no love.
You can even argue that general goals get hate.

'You didn't get specific? This guy clearly doesn't know what he wants!'

You can also make the argument that someone who gets too specific creates blinders.
They may know what they want at one stage of their life....
However, humans are living information systems.

You ever had that one moment where your mindset regarding a certain issue flipped completely?
'Yea, a few times.'

That's not to say you were wishy washy or a bad person.
It's to say that new information can lead to new interpretations.

Likewise, with humans, new information comes down to new experiences.
A goal that we make at age 20 may be night and day different than a goal we make at age 30.

This is why I like the general mindset for long term goals.
'What do you want to be in the future?'
Eh, I have a rough idea.. But I don't know everything man.

This is why I'm not a big fan of announcing goals to everyone.
It's because a GRAND goal is bought into fruition through a process of iteration.
It's not a random light bulb moment that generates out of nowhere.

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So I'm a big fan of general goals in terms of a long term vision.
What else?
I'm also a big fan of generalities when you lack experience.

For a person who is looking to write their first blog, just start.

Rather than setting the goal:
'I need to learn seo, meta descriptions, keyword research, hosting blah blah blah.'

Just say:
'I have a desire to improve writing.'

This general goal will completely bypass the logical mind.
The logical mind loves little details.
But the emotional mind heard you loud and clear.

Whenever we stick with a goal long term & do it with consistency, there's always an emotional charge that sparked off the entire process.

Once this guy starts writing the blog posts, now they can gradually add in all those specifics along the way.

So long term goal & activities which you lack experience in are good times to activate generalities.

Try it out.

With self improvement, it comes down to finding the right pattern for a specific personality type.

What falls flat with one person may be the missing puzzle piece for another person.

Even though general goals don't get love...
General goals can activate emotions.

When the emotions are activated, that's when boldness & creativity can be unleashed in a given field.
Something being overly specific does not always guarantee.


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