Why Everything Has a Price


A couple of weeks back, I was watching a Tv show of a professional athlete who was enjoying his day.

And then randomly...
He found out that he got traded by his sports team.

As he was hearing the news, it sounded like his wife said:
"Do you feel betrayed?"

However, I misheard.

In reality, she said:
"Did you know you were traded?"

- Betrayed
- Be traded
The two sound soo similar.

And when you looked at that athlete's face, he definitely looked betrayed.
He knew that now he had to move his family to a new location, build chemistry with a brand new team & shake up his life.
Just like that...

The athletic profession is glorified to a certain degree in the world.
When we look at athletes, we think these are people who have everything figured out.

Millions of dollars, fans, and they get paid to play the sport of their dreams.
And yet, these people are still subject to betrayal.

When I was in the 12th grade, YouTube was getting bigger.
And every now and then I would watch videos of celebrities dealing with the paparazzi.

There was a bizarre video I once saw of Paris Hilton getting swarmed by the paparazzi.

Normally we knew Paris Hilton as someone who loved attention & loved the cameras being on her.
But today was different.

She seemed to be under the weather & wanted some space.
However, the paparazzi didn't want to give her that.
They were asking her a bunch of questions & getting in her space.

And you could tell that she was visibly upset.
She said "I'll answer your questions when i feel better."

Not going to lie.
I don't know how she had that kind of patience.
Better yet, I don't know how paparazzi's are even allowed. Some of those video's my 12th grade self saw looked like straight up harassment.

I would be tempted to punch them on the face & beat them over their head with the camera.

How do celebrities do that?
And better yet, do they really enjoy the paparazzi?

I'm sure some do.
They love the attention.

However, I believe a lot of them are lowkey.
They just want to be gifted at their skillset of choice & then mind their own business.

This is what I love about new media.
Targeted exposure.

Pewdiepie is a success on YouTube with over 100 million followers.
However, if he walked into the mall, everyone would not recognize him.

Only a certain fragment of people would know that's Pewdiepie.
New media is much different than the cult like broad range wierdo fans the old media created.

I give the example of the sports athlete & Paris Hilton because it goes on to show how every profession has the dark sides.
The dark sides that people do not see.

And in moments like this, I have no clue how you are able to push yourself through it, if you don't have love for the activity.

Imagine if that sports star who got traded, was just naturally gifted at the sport.
But he never had any passion for the game.

If he got traded once, he probably would be fine.
On the flipside, if he got traded 6 times in his career (which happens to a lot of professional athletes) then he may have been fuming.
Angry enough to quit.

That's why going in with the expectation that every field has a dark side/s is a MUST.
Which is why passion, love & fun are variables that NEED to be weighed.

It's one thing if the act is at a small scale.
Let's say you are doing your first job in Dunkin Donuts.
You may not have to love the job that much...

But still..
Even then, it's good if you can find a way to spark some love for it in a creative way.

This is coming from a guy who worked in Dunkin Donuts in college during the busiest times of 5am - 12pm.
"How did you make it fun?"
By telling myself that I was building thick skin dealing with these entitled customers.

When you find a way to see the practical value in terms of lifelong growth, anything can turn into a learning opportunity.

It becomes easier when you have a vision.
That's when random things which normally wouldn't make sense, plug right in...

There's no field out there without grunt work.
None at all.

Athletes & celebrities are not exempt either.
The goal is to just understand what price you are willing to pay.
Because everything has a price.

The universe was designed in an interconnected manner.
From the air we breathe to the food we eat.

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You can cheat the system for so long.
However, we always learn the hard way, that there is no such thing as a free meal.

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