What Made Seinfeld Successful


There are 2 things I want to talk about in this post.
- Seinfeld the show.
- Seinfeld the person.
What made him successful?

The show Seinfeld is often seen as the "show about nothing."

A show about nothing??
No way is something like this going to be successful.

A show about nothing has the recipe to be extremely successful.

Why though?

I can't say the exact reason why...
But I have a theory.

Normally, there is a certain segment in my day where I don't like thinking at all.
And my disdain towards thinking (at that time) lowkey has me missing old school media.
"What do you mean?"
Let me explain.

In old school TV for example, we used to have a channel called the TV guide.
That channel showed what was being played on TV at the time.
We would see what show/movie was being played on what channel & chose that.

And if we were too lazy to go to the TV guide, then we would just aimlessly channel surf until we saw something that we liked.

This is different in new media.

Cable cutting is at an all time high.
Nowadays, most people consume their shows through Netflix or YouTube.

Plenty of choices!
This can be a good thing or a bad thing.
Depending on the state of mind that you are in.

If I'm in the state of mind where I'm not trying to think....
the LAST thing I want is plenty of choices.
I lowkey miss it when the traditional media was like "here's what is showing. Take it or leave it."
They took the power.

Well, this little psychology insight was what allowed Seinfeld to be successful.
You didn't necessarily have to think too much.
You could just unwind & watch.

This chill factor led to constant exposure to the show.
With our best friends... are we mindful or mindless?
"I can be either. I like my friends a lot because I can mindless around them without anyone taking offense."

The show Seinfeld could serve as a friend.
That one friend who won't get offended if you hypothetically were not paying attention to something they said, because you had a long day.

A show about nothing can be highly appealing to a segment of the population.

The next question...
What made Jerry Seinfeld, the person, successful?

I'm going to give an obvious answer & then I'm going to give a not so obvious answer.

The obvious answer is that he was consistent.
He would write every day.
He took his field of comedy seriously & made it his life.

Okay, that was the obvious answer.

What's not obvious is that he was a little awkward.
Specifically in social interactions.

"What do you mean?"
He said in an interview a while back that he finds it difficult to relate to people in normal ways of communication.
Small talk, gossiping, talking on the phone, that kind of stuff.

On the flipside, he finds it easy to relate to people through his career.

Something about a comedian feels highly personal.
It's like we are letting them into our world.

Well, Jerry noticed that.
And he said comedy was his vehicle to maintain relationships in an unorthodox manner.

I did notice this about highly creative people.
The more creative they are, the more one or plenty parts of their lives are VERY unorthodox.
They do things differently.

Different is good for some.
Different is bad for some.
Depends which lens we view it from.

Overall, these were a few things that made Seinfeld successful.
The show & the person.

A great thing about this comedian was that he showed once you invest in communication skills, you can have more power of how you craft your future.

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Sitting at a stunning 950 million dollar net worth, a consistent writing practice throughout a span of decades & a body of work which will outlast him...

There's no denying that Seinfeld showed that it's normal to be weird & weird to be normal.


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