The Most Important Soft Skills


If we want to learn long division, hopefully we know how to do short division.

During our studies, we worked our way up a curriculum.
Very rarely would we learn calculus before trigonometry.

In the world of soft skills, there are a lot of topics which are now dubbed to be popular.

Different magazines, #blog articles, and recruiters are talking about soft skills that a person should have to be a valuable member of the company.

This can lead to confusion...

Let's slow it down.
What is the core?
Let's learn short division before bumping up to long division.

What are some of the first order principles that all other soft skills can be derived from?

I have 5:
- Public speaking
- Storytelling
- Creativity
- Emotional Intelligence
- Social Skills

All others can be derived from what I call the 5 SUPER HUMAN soft skills.

'Idk man, that doesn't quite seem accurate.'
Which part?
'Let me google an article & see what they list...Then we will see if it can be derived from your list of 5.'

That's emotional intelligence.
'Work ethic.'
That too is emotional intelligence.
'Interpersonal skills.'
That's a fancy phrasing for social skills.
'Critical thinking.'
That's a form of creativity.
'Problem solving?'
'Storytelling & creativity.
Nonverbal communication??'
'That's the body language portion of public speaking.

We can keep the list going.
There are going to be plenty of experts giving their opinions on what will be the highest in demand soft skills in the future.

Without a core understanding of the intangibles, things are bound to get confusing.
So its a game of staying grounded.

Try it out for yourself.
Think about the world of communication all around you.
See all these lists being generated nowadays

And see if you can tie it to the 5 SUPERHUMAN soft skills.
Public speaking, social skills, storytelling, creativity & emotional intelligence.

It's these 5 that were relevant 10,000 years ago.
And it's these 5 that will be relevant 10,000 years into the future.

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