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Was just about to turn off my bedside night lampshade and call it a day but I decided to check my weedcash wallet transactions one last time today (cause that's a part of my routine every night before retiring for bed) and now I am sleepless and back on the blockchain scheduling more weedcash posts on peakd & even psyched up to engage and interact more.

What's making me motivated is this HEAVY TIP I received from you my Highness @davedickeyall
If my guess is right is because of participating in your previous contest post MUMMM...
And it seems the cheese team took the trophy home.
No doubt.
Looking forward to seeing the progress of the growth of the CHIZI CHIZI 😋

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I am really grateful and super delighted by your generosity & kindness.
It's so Gangsta.
And one way or another,
I had decided to do a weekend giveaway to my best comments of the week on my posts and I came across @chubb149 comment

Surprisingly, I had launched a 10 weedcash token giveaway earlier on.
I hadn't even seen/noticed the tip.
And the tip was received 20 hours ago 😅
Lol 😂
I don't know what made me do so, but my comment can speak for itself 😊

#StonerInstincts 😎💯

Thanks A TRILLI Uncle Dave!

Your's ital
Tony ❤️💛💚

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