Give More Than You Take Mentality


Great leaders, entrepreneurs & philosophers talk about giving.
It's important to give.

Wasn't a big fan of that mentality back in the days.
Especially because it felt like I was burned by it once.

There was a moment a couple of years back when I focused on listening.
And tried listening very well.

Well, what I noticed was that when you listen too much, you see the dark parts of human nature.
Basically conditioning someone to ramble.

After hearing people ramble a lot, I got irritated.
Thought I would put my feet down & try speaking up more.

It was annoying I had to even do that.
Because I was assuming that they would naturally ask questions back.
Thought they would notice how well of a listener I was.

Well, when I tried to take the spotlight, these people got startled.

They were loving the rambling process.
They were loving the process of talking about themselves.
They didn't want to give this pleasure up.

When a human talks about themselves, it's the same feeling as having their brain.
Now you know why humans can ramble on & on...

When I tried taking the spotlight, these people's eyes were darting, waiting for me to finish.
They would show low energy.
They would ask half assed questions pretending like they were listening.

This is how I'm treated for listening to you assholes?
Ah...I see how it is.
Screw you all!

After that experience, I thought, 'never will I give like that again.'
That's a way of a pushover.

Yet, I was in the wrong.

The title of this post is 'Give more than you take.'
Notice...the word 'take' is still included.

My problem was that I was listening too much.
GIVING them attention.
But not taking anything.

Giving without taking can:
- Enable bad behavior.
- Make someone feel incompetent.

Still, there are moments to give.
Not shitting on Non-profits or anything.

Just saying that from my life experiences, 'give more than you take' has been the philosophy.
Taking is one of the best things to do, as long as you planted the seeds as a giver.

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There is a law that breaks down why humans want to return the favor for someone who helped them out.
It's called the 'Law of Reciprocity.'

It's going to be a very popular law that's talked about upon marketers, creators & business owners in the future.


Because it discusses the human's desire to give back...


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