💹Token Suggestion Post + Winner From Last Week!😎

Authored by @enginewitty

There You Are!

This post is one of many to follow where you - CAV token hodlers - get to pick what comes next! Each week, as per previously stated, we are holding a poll and voting round to decide what token to add next to the sharing model from CAV.

What, you didn't know? CAV token holders get a piece of the pie that we make each week via the @vetfunding account that @enginewitty trades and earns with. Currently, we share these three tokens with our gracious buyers:

Is there a token you would like to see on that list? Are you a mad HODLer of CAV? (You should be!) Then by all means, throw some suggestions at us! Simply leave a comment down below of a token you would like to see hitting your wallet. The three tokens that get the most praise, will be added to a voting post/poll where we can finalize your decision. We will give you until this post pays out and the following day will be the poll. What are you waiting for, tell us!

The Winner Is:

picture from @derangedvisions' post found here

Yes, WEED! In our last post, you could have voted on the three that were nominated from before and you have a chance to do that again! We currently have 1000 staked and will be adding more to the pile and doing what we can to be assured our CAV token holders start getting a bit of the WEED token in their wallets everyday.

Moving Forward

Thank Yous and Goals

At this time, we would like to give a big shout out to the people at #WOO, @thealliance and #surgentgaming as they already donated to help the cause. Huge ups to @raymondspeaks and the Legion crew! I know a few others are going to and it is already appreciated. These steps to help out those in need will not go unnoticed. They have given us a bit better of a leg to stand on make all this happen. If you are a community leader or just want to help, send what you would like, to @vetfunding.

There will be a three fold use for our token:

  1. Help Veterans already on HIVE.
  2. Help Veterans that aren't on HIVE, give them assistance and onboard them.
  3. Let those that donate to our great cause by buying and holding CAV Token, to earn some rewards for doing so.

For #1 and #2, we are working identifying those in need. If you are a Vet on Hive, you need to be holding some CAV to get that ball a rolling. 😉 For those that cant afford that, we have a plan for y'all in that regard, reach out to us in our Discord Server.

For #3 we have initiated a rewards bot for those that have already acquired CAV. We are actively seeking generous souls to assist us in building this and making it beneficial to all the people that buy our token and want to help out the Vets across the globe.

If you want to lend a hand to get some much needed help to Veterans that are in need.. please consider buying some CAV Tokens. It is for A Good Cause to help Veterans! You can do that by checking out our Token, and learning more about what we're trying to do. You can also help us by grabbing CAV Tokens on Hive Engine, or consider a donation to @vetfunding to lend a hand in our endeavor. All proceeds goes to Veterans in need.

This project is headed up by: @inthenow, @enginewitty & @wesphilbin in no particular order. 😀

Support Veterans & Have Some Fun!

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