An introduction of a weed lover and psychonaut enthusiastic

How incredible is the power of time! I clearly remember how limited the space on the old platforms was for disseminating ideas and possibilities to talk about "less popular" subjects. I spent a long time away from this type of interaction because I felt that the reward values ​​were being too low and my personal problems were too high. And now, when a friend suggested going back to Hive, giving this new chance and seeing how things had changed, how surprised I was to find out how things are progressing here! A tribe on cannabis!?! Who would say?!

I am very happy to see this expansion! And undoubtedly happier for being a topic that I do so well. I have been a connoisseur of cannabis for over 14 years, and I have a very particular empirical knowledge of cannabis, as well as so many others. I consider myself a researcher of conscience, a living guinea pig of myself. And although today I am purposefully removed from regular use of this incredible plant, I am more than ever integrated with its present moment in society, and especially with its advancement in medicinal and therapeutic research. I hope to be able to talk a little about all of this here, as I adapt to the space! Thanks in advance to all users who help me on this journey!


Success for all of us nature lovers.

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