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Hey there!!

Hope your New Year celebrations were amazing! I had a great time with my fam.

Hot teas, warm fires, beautiful view.



Being totally surrounded by nature is exactly where I’ve wanted to be for a very long time.

So thankful!!

Today was also the first day in a long time I went with no cannabis!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of weed.


I do give it credit for keeping me sane enough to not just off myself at several times in my life.
I am alive today because of weed.

I’ve always been an advocate and am a strong believer that cannabis IS medicine.
Because it simply IS.

However, it’s not perfect!
It’s not for everyone, and it really does affect everyone in a unique way depending on brain chemistry. Some should NEVER use it at all. Cannabis can also affect you negatively or positively at different times in your life. It changes how it makes you feel, and depending on what’s going on with you at the time it can actually cause problems rather than alleviate them.

Generally, most people feel some euphoria, and a more calming thought process. This is because the cannabinoids block receptors in the brain and can partially or completely block what people would call negative emotions. Sadness and anger for example.
For me personally, it’s pretty difficult to lose my patience while even a little high, which is beautiful, since my anxiety often rears it’s ugly head in the form of anger and frustration. A little puff here and there, just a tiny bit throughout the day keeps me happier, kinder and more able to be who I want/need to be.

A mix of PTSD, severe anxiety and physical pain from ailments is the bitch I deal with daily. It’s awful.

But make no mistake, cannabis is a crutch. It’s not a solution, it’s not a cure, it’s just something that helps when I need it.

The problem there is, it’s habit forming. Not addictive, but definitely habit forming. As a former cigarette smoker, (quit over 10 years now after smoking for 12+ years, yay me!) I sometimes get into the really bad habit of smoking weed like cigarettes, which is a problem for a few reasons.
One, I don’t want to be super high all day. Too much weed can really affect your energy levels, and makes me too ... Duh..? 🥴
Number two, weed is expensive! I can’t be smoking my meds when I don’t REALLY need it.
And three, ouch my lungs! I’m trying to get HEALTHIER not create more issues! And yes breathing in any type of smoke is bad for you, all smoke is carcinogenic, and with the resin in weed, I find it pretty bad on my lungs and vocal chords.
And I absolutely have to sing daily or surely I’ll die.

So I’m giving it a rest for a bit, clearing out my system, giving my lungs a break and when I do pick it back up, it will be much more potent and effective, I’ll need less to achieve the same desired effect and then I’ll try harder to not allow it to become too frequent a habit again.

I do this a few times a year usually, just quit for a while and live with total sobriety. It can be pretty rough, and getting off weed can be very emotional the first day, or week depending on your system and how much pain/problems you have that all come screaming back at you once you give it up.

It’s funny, I posted a painting of some weed the other day, and I thought about all the people who would look their noses down on me for openly admitting to my weed use and for supporting cannabis as medicine.

The funny thing is, most of these people have no problem with alcohol, a substance with basically zero benefits when used the way they use it. They could say something like, “I had some rum and coke,” and honestly the cringe inside me at that idea is so strong. It would want me to say something like, “and you actually drank it? You put that in your body?!” With shock and horror. Just absolute BARF.
I find alcohol very disgusting now after having given that up a long time ago too. It’s messy poison, and burns out your intestinal tract. It causes you to do really stupid things by turning off your inhibitions, and ya know, basically numbing the part of your brain that MAKES IMPORTANT DECISIONS.

I don’t think I really need to say more to that, but I laughed about it anyway, how they would think I’m sooooo irresponsible for smoking weed, yet it’s perfectly acceptable to destroy your brain and body with alcohol every weekend.

Great logic there huh!!?


It’s not my problem what others think of me, that’s on them to find perspective, grow and learn 🙂


Even if I’m not a cannabis smoker at the time, I will always be a huge advocate for this plant, because it saved me and who knows how many others.
Thank you weed. 💕

Feels good to be writing again, I went a long time feeling as if my world were drained of all its life and colour, and when I dropped off this platform in 2018, that was why. It’s as if self expression itself was simply unattainable.

I haven’t gained much momentum back yet in the blogging world, but hopefully if I keep at it I can find that again too!

Thanks so much to those who stuck around and keep following along, YOU ROCK! And thanks so much to new followers too!!! 💕

Looking forward to sharing more, my baby cannabis plants are growing all the time, I’ll get to update you about them too! Whoooot!

Thankfully the government here has legalized weed, though decriminalization would have been preferred, it’s nice to talk about it without fear of legal repercussions.

I hope this new year is what I feel it will be; a turning of the tides, a change, a fork in the road in regards to our freedom of choice in medical care.

You get back what you put in when it comes to health.

Eat like shit, feel like shit.


Obviously there are people unable to help themselves in this world because of others interference. But most people have very little excuse for their negative daily choices. They LOOOOVE to blame anyone and anything but themselves for their health problems.

Sorry babe, it’s ALL ON YOU to solve the puzzle of what is wrong, what will fix you, and the actual fixing. Doctors can only give you so many answers and basically zero help aside from the ability to reduce or eliminate symptoms, but turning off the alarms doesn’t fix a damn thing.

Just like me using weed doesn’t remove my existing issues, it can only alleviate symptoms.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk, and I hope you have a fantastic year filled with happiness, peace and prosperity!

Much love!




Knotilus daily pond is a series of photos of the pond near my home, some bloggery about the homestead and the creations, it’s then finished off with some choice memes.

Some days here are breathtaking, others will be gray, I’m happy to share the different looks of the pond all year long 🙂


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Happy ney year! I agree, cannabis is such a wonderfull thing, I too credit it for saving my life my helping me quit dope. But it is not for everyone, and it is not a magic bullet, nor is it complety harmless. I used to smoke it all day everyday, but now just save it for after work. But it is defianly something that will be apart of my life until the very end :)


Agreed! Cannabis is just such a useful plant! I’ll be growing it until I’m too old and feeble for sure! 😂
Thanks so much for the reblog!! 💕


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