Weed Market Wednesday - MJ ETF Overview - Adding To The WEED-HIVE Liquidity Pool


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Here it is again... Hump Day, or another way to say it is Weed Market Wednesday! So today I am doing a brief overview of the Coin Logic index and then we jump right into the WEED token market on Tribaldex.com! Here we talk about the overall state of the WEED token, some of it's use cases like the https://weedcash.store as well as providing liquidity to the pools on Tribaldex.com! I show you how to go in and add liquidity to the SWAP.HIVE/WEED pool. This gives users a simple way to trade WEED tokens on the DEX.

Then I go over the MJ ETF on Marketwatch.com. I talk about the overview numbers, dividends, and then we get into the holdings and show the top 25 holdings. This ETF along with the others can be a great way to invest in the cannabis market long term and get paid passively for doing so through dividends!

Here is the link for the 3 piece set being sold as a fundraiser for the Weedcash-Fund! This set was recorded on the 420 Cannafest and is being sold as individual editions!


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This is also posted to YouTube on my channel there so we can get better outreach. That is why you hear Hive explanations... Just throwing that out there...

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