Starting Monday Off Right: A Look Into The Vanlife


Although I was a bit later getting up and going than I wanted to be, blame insomnia, lol, I am up and getting the day going right with some good ole instant coffee made with my gas powered camping stove! 😂 Van life, am I right?

I love this little gas stove. Works great then packs up nicely and goes in the cooler with the rest of my kitchen gear. I use the cooler as my main desktop when it's not in good use. Gotta have multiple uses for everything, lol.

While I was waiting on the water to warm up, had to get a bowl going to get the my head balanced for the day.

Now it's time to get to work, I have a ton on my plate today! Couple of new projects in the works, not crypto related, more on the AI end, that I am having the AI I am using to write the Wordpress plugin I need to make it all work, lol. Also wrote a script to include a Smart Search into Coin Logic... That's going to be cool, big plans for that site too! Starting to get a bit more traffic so really wanting to pump up the content.

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I'm curious, how do you manage the heating with vanlife?


It's a van, so I just crank it and heat it up. It is well insulated so it will stay warm for a while. But it doesn't get crazy cold where I am so that makes it bearable.