WeedChat - How Can We Expand Our MetaBrand

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What's up Weedcash community and Hivers all around! It's another WeedChat Wednesday!

Today's topic is inspired by the Web 3.0 Conference I have been attending thanks to the contest by @hiveio ! Learning allot and really just getting the good warm and fuzzies that I know I am in the right space at the right time!

The panels have been allot about NFTs, metaverse, and building brands as well as helping other companies build their meta brands.

That got me thinking... How can we as the Weedcash community not only build our MetaBrand around what we have built already, but use that functionality and branding to bring in other brands into the digital metaverse space. Metaverse is not just VR and video games, we are in it, it's what we are doing online everyday in one form or another. So how are we going to get cannabis companies involved? One idea is to use our NFT marketplace to help them come up with their own collectibles that can also represent a store discount or something. This would get people into the community, buying WEED tokens to purchase NFTs

Because after hearing from allot of these projects, we are really on top of it and are actually ahead of some of the bigger projects in that we have working functional products, not just Weedcash, but Hivelist as well on a retail side. We have the real world store, we have NFTs, we have the own your data wallets, etc... Like everything they have been talking about in these panels is screaming HIVE and what we are building on top of it.

So my question is...what ideas to you have on how we can help expand our MetaBrand and help others do it as well?

Let's get this conversation started!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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good video again let's see where metaverse takes us. 💪🙌