Can Crypto Dividends be Considered a Regular Income Source For Investors?

Dividends are one of the popular methods of making profits in the market. Same as dividend-paying stocks, now there are cryptocurrencies that pay dividends. But, how good these dividend-paying cryptocurrencies are as a way to earn a regular, stable income is yet to be seen. Let’s explore further here.

What are dividends?

Dividends are like interest that is paid back to investors on their holdings. The dividend amount and frequency can be fixed or variable. In the case of market-linked assets like cryptocurrencies and stocks, dividends are generally paid out on a random basis.

A company that pays dividends to its holders will generally take out a portion of its profits and distribute it among the holders based on their holdings. In the case of crypto, dividends are paid out from the earnings of a crypto platform/project, which consists of transaction fees earned from cryptocurrency usage and other income sources.

How to use dividends to earn a regular income

High-quality stable assets pay dividends on a regular basis. These include stocks of bluechip companies and high-end stocks. This is because these companies make regular income and will keep paying dividends to their shareholders for a long time. This is the same thing we need to look for when buying dividend-paying cryptocurrencies.

To generate a regular and stable income from dividends, you must invest in companies or assets that are also stable and have a long-term vision. For example, almost all of us know that Google is a company with a great future and will continue to operate successfully for many years to come. So, you can confidently invest in Google company’s shares, knowing that it will keep paying dividends for a long time.

Similarly, you need to find at least a few of these assets in order to earn a good amount of dividends regularly. Also, the amount of dividend you receive will depend on how many high-return assets you hold. This is where cryptocurrencies come in.

While the dividends you can receive from stocks are limited and will need you to invest more to earn more, in the case of cryptocurrencies you can earn huge amounts of dividends even with a low investment. Let’s understand this with the example of the SEEK COIN.

What is SEEK coin and how can you make regular dividend income from it?

SEEK coin is a next-gen cryptocurrency that pays dividends to its holders. The cryptocurrency is backed by a powerful blockchain system called the SEEK ecosystem. Moreover, there is a robust growth strategy in place to ensure consistent growth for the SEEK Ecosystem, the Coin and holders’ portfolios.

The SEEK COIN valuation strategy involves burning coins at regular intervals in order to reduce the coin’s market supply, which will help increase the SEEK coin’s value with time.

So, even if you keep holding SEEK coins and do not trade occasionally, you’ll keep earning dividends from it as well as benefit from long-term price valuation. The more and longer you hold, the more dividends you’ll make.

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Originally published at on March 15, 2022.

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