PIZZA Scholars' Thirteenth Harvest


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It's time now for my Thirteenth Weekely Update! These updates are really starting to pile up, and it's all thanks to the PIZZA Scholarship Program.

Weekly Happenings

After last week's Farming Wars announcement, there hasn't much more news to share. But that doesn't mean the team isn't hard at work. There are a number of projects in development that will continue to grow and expand buds usage.

Pizza Guild Earnings Report

Now, it's time now for my Pizza Guild Earnings report, brought to you by Perfect Pizzas From Edge to Edge. Order yours today.

This is now my 13th completed week here on the Pizza Guild Farms. Another 15 plots have been planted, watered, and harvested. Let's see how we did this week:


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This is the last week for this current delegation and we're down to our lowest yielding seeds. Surprisingly they're all Columbia Gold. As I've been saying for a couple weeks, these seeds have been nerfed but still cost more water than the Panama Reds.

Stay tuned, next week we'll have a bonus week!!

Looking forward to another great crop! See you all next week!



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Join us on the HIVEPIZZA Discord. You'll find a diverse community of gamers, musicians, artists, and crypto enthusiasts. There's weekly giveaways, competitions, trivia nights, and a new Scholarship Program featuring HASH Kings. Yours truly has been selected in the first round of Scholarships, so keep an eye out for my weekly updates. Don't fret however, There will me more scholarship opportunties in the near future. But you have to be active in the server to qualify. So come on in and join the PIZZA fun.
UPDATE There are whispers of a Gamma class coming soon. If you want to be a part of the program, you have to join the discord.


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Don't forget to also check out 1UP's Discord. The massively successful 1UP Cartel and HIVEPIZZA have created the ultimate alliance, combining the strengths of the fastest growing META-Gaming and Curation guilds with the largest guild of gamers, musicians, and artists.


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