Another Delta 8 Review and Update - Edibles!

It has been awhile since I've wrote anything about Delta8 THC products. For anyone that doesn't know what Delta8 is, it's basically a hemp derived THC that is legal in many states in the US. The THC is derived from Hemp based CBD / CBG through a chemical reaction. DYOR on that if you're interested.

I'll start with my reaction to the different Delta8 products I've tried. It has been about 6 months and I haven't really noticed any adverse reactions. All the benefits I've received have been great. I'm a chronic insomniac and that hasn't been a problem in a long time. I suffer lower back pain, and that's completely manageable now. Also improved appetite, more relaxed, better mental attitude, and believe it or not I feel more focused. I will admit though, that took some time.

For the first couple weeks I did a lot of lounging around and watching TV... Stereotypical pothead activities, but it's also something I needed to kind of snap myself out of. I'm much more focused now and getting a lot done. I also think that's partly due to improved sleep and being more rested during my awake hours!

At this point it's debatable if an improved appetite is a benefit. I've been dieting, and trying to lose weight. I have been eating much healthier though. I can go either way on appetite being a benifit or not 🤣 A suppressed appetite would be better! 🤣 So we can safely establish, Delta8 products will give you the munchies!

My back pain is completely manageable now. I'm even averaging about 2 miles a day jogging on the treadmill. This from a guy who could barely stand up straight or get up out his chair without a decent amount of lower back pain. Seriously, this is why I'm a daily user now. With the back pain gone, I'm more active and it's probably another attribute of why I'm more focused!

Delta8 has been a huge blessing to me!

Products I've Tried

I'm not going to list everything I've tried because I've been a very busy guy sampling all kinds of Delta8 products over the last 6 months. I will write a little about the different forms of Delta8 I've used and some thoughts.

Dried flower - This is basically dried hemp bud that is coated with Delta8 extract. You smoke it just like you would regular cannabis or pot. You can roll it in a joint or smoke it in a pipe. Probably my least favorite way to consume it. In my opinion it tastes a little different than it's cannabis cousin. Reminds me of old commercial "Columbian Gold" we used to get in the 80s. (Yeah, I'm that old 🤣)

Vape Carts - E-cig THC vape carts. I love the taste, there's no smell and the potency is probably just as strong as similar cannabis products at a fraction of the cost. The vape carts can be harsh though! Many experience irritation of the throat, myself amongst them. Vape cough too where you get a temporary cough from the vape if you're a heavy user. I've experienced this a couple times after heavy use and it's not pleasant. I do enjoy vaping indoors in moderation though. This goes for Delta8 THC vapes and also it's cannabis counterpart. Besides an improved since of well being on Delta8, I can't tell the difference between Cannabis derived vape carts and Delta8.

Liquid Gel Caps - Just a little pill with 20mg of Delta 8 in each one. I actually liked these a lot. The effects are minimal and seem perfect if you're just trying to keep the back pain at bay. Take two and not much is going to bother you. Perma grin!

I will say this, I'm a huge fan of the drug Valium and in my humble opinion Delta8 THC is an awesome and probably much healthier alternative. This isn't medical advice, just my opinion based on my own experience. The Delta8 high reminds me a lot of a really strong Valium high. Something I'm in no way endorsing or encouraging. Just putting it out there.

Edibles - I recently tried edibles and I'm just blown away! This is by far my favorite way to consume Delta8. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to feel the full effect. It comes in many forms like cookies, soft drinks, and candy. I've been enjoying gummies...

What I'm Currently Using

The cold weather has arrived. I've been spending a lot more time indoors. I don't like smoking in the house, so I haven't been smoking much dried flower. Especially now that the windows are closed 99% of the time. So I haven't been smoking much at all. Maybe a joint or two a week. I'm also back to partaking mostly in the evening after getting my work done. The only time I use during the day is when I'm experiencing discomfort in my lower back.

As I stated earlier I've been experimenting with gummies and edibles. This is my favorite way to ingest Delta8, I also think it's probably healthiest (no proof, just opinion, DYOR) I tried some Chocolate Bars at a local smoke shop that were just incredible. I've also tried a couple different gummy products. So lets talk a little about those.

THCXtract sent me a free sample of these when I ordered some vape carts and they were pretty impressive. It was the first time trying edible candies. I was completely blown away. These are 25mg each. I wasn't crazy about the taste, they weren't bad tasting, but they did have a sort of mediciney after taste. As far as potency.. I only needed 1 to relax, taking 2 was WAY more than necessary for a little R and R but really fun if you like to feel like you're melting into your couch while watching TV. 🤣


My latest local find were these Chill Extreme Delta-8 Gummies. I found these in a smoke shop around the corner from my house. I love shopping local when I can, and like it even more when I find products locally that are cheaper than the internet. They're 20mg each and come in bottles of 50 for under $50. They also include a little CBD in every dose... Healthy bonus and fair price!


I'm really liking these A LOT. They still have a very slight mediciney taste but much less than the sample I tried from THCXtract. These are flavored like blueberry, pineapple and watermellon. I took 3 of these in total the other night in two hour intervals and after the third one I felt like I was floating around the house 🤣 The high is just incredible. Went to sleep early, woke up rested and jogged 2 miles on the treadmill this morning! Happy days are here again!

Considering it's getting cold now I'll probably be consuming mostly edibles and vape carts and smoking much less. Probably smoke a joint every time I have to shovel the driveway 🤣 Shoveling the driveway sucks, but everything is better with weed! 🤣 Kidding not kidding ;)

In Summary

Well that's where I'm at with my Delta8 consumption. I will say that I find the Vape carts and edibles just as enjoyable if not more enjoyable than Cannabis derived THC. Maybe even more so because you receive a better sense of well being with Delta8 as compared to the anxiety and paranoia some people experience from Cannabis based products, especially in high doses. I've yet to experience any anxiety from Delta8 and I've gotten a little carried away with consumption on more than one or two occasions 🤣

Combine that better feeling of well being with being much cheaper than cannabis derived THC products and I'm sold. Delta8 may be new, and not for everyone, but I've enjoyed both the products and benefits of these products immensely. In the future when the Cannabis dispensaries open locally, I'll do some comparisons and write more about my findings.

One final note, my alcohol consumption is down to a few drinks a month now! Another factor, helping me lose weight!

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That's really great! I enjoyed this post a lot. This us the stuff I tell many people about. I've used the delta8 before and definitely recommended it as well. I really enjoy the topicals, I get good results from them. I would share this post with friends, I really like the way you laid it out. I'll be voting you up on this one! 😊



I've tried some CBD topicals for my backpain and they've worked great.

Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.