HashKings Region Guide: Africa



Oh, sweet Africa! This is the upper middle tier of the six different HashKings growing regions. It’s a bit more pricey than Afghanistan, but also more productive.

These African farm plots are getting more scarce than the lower tier plots. There are 1,202 minted plots. They are usually always available to the open marketplace, though they can swing quite a bit in price.


Personally I’m currently building up my African growing operation to get to plant those lovely African Seeds and harvest their juicy BUDS.

In the farm region Africa you can grow 4 different kinds of Seeds.


The cheapest seed in the region is the Malawi. It has a sprouting time of 4 days and produces 2131 to 2474 BUDS. 3904 HKWATER is needed to harvest the BUDS.

Next up is Durban Poison. It sprouts in 4 days and when harvested it produces 2523 to 2866 BUDS. It needs 4544 HKWATER.

Third we have the Kilimanjaro. It’s sprouting time is 3 days. It’s production range is 3430 to 3822 BUDS. It’s water needs are 6048 HKWATER.

The best Seed in the region is the Swazi Gold. It sprouts and is harvestable in 3 days. It produces 4508 to 4802 BUDS. It needs 7608 HKWATER to produce the BUDS.

Something quite cool, at least to me, happens in this region. You’ll start to be able to harvest two times a week using Africas finest seeds.

In my brain, one month is a long time. What can I get done this week? What can I earn in one week? That’s more in-tune with my personal mind. For me, getting in two harvests per week is a huge mental milestone. It’s only a difference of one day from the sprouting times in Afghanistan, but it feels so much quicker.

Seeing things from a game perspective, this is great too. The MOTA staking pools rewards you with a Seed Drop once every week on Sundays. Getting in two harvest per week means more BUDS in your pockets THAT week, and thus you’ll have more BUDS to burn for MOTA during the same week, and thus more MOTA to stake for even more Seeds. Neat, huh!

Happy farming!



This is not financial advice. Do your own research. You are responsible for your own personal decisions and your own personal economy.

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