HashKings Region Guide: Afghanistan


Once you’re moving up in the world of HashKings, you might start renting or even buy a prime piece of farmlands in Afghanistan.

Farm plots in the region Afghanistan are the the lower mid-tier farm plots. It’s very often available at the marketplace. These plots are quite readily available with a total supply of 3,010 minted plots.


In this region you can grow a massive four different kinds of Seeds.


The cheapest seed in Afghanistan is the Mazar I Sharif. It has a sprouting time of 6 days, and produces 588 to 833 BUDS. It requires 1296 HKWATER to produce BUDS.

Then we have the Lashkar Gah Seed. It sprouts in 5 days. It’s BUDS production range is 833 to 1078 BUDS, and requires 1680 HKWATER.

Third out is the beautiful Afghani Kush. It sprouts in 5 days. It produces 1421 to 1764 BUDS, while requiring 2800 HKWATER to be harvestable.

The best seed in the region is the Hindu Kush. It sprouts in only 4 days. Here we can almost start getting two harvests per plot per week! It will produce 1788 to 2131 BUDS and will need 3360 HKWATER to do so.

In this region, this is where things start to get quite interesting. The harvests from Hindu Kush is quite decent and you can almost harvest two harvests per plot every week.

Currently Afghanistan is the region where most of my growing plots are. It’s a great base for building up wealth and it’s relatively cheap to get a plot, with plots going for between 20 to 28 HIVE this last month.

Happy farming!



This is not financial advice. Do your own research. You are responsible for your own personal decisions and your own personal economy.

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