HashKings: Harvesting Again!



I’m back from another days hard work in the field, all muddy and reeking! Today was another harvest day!

In my farmlands, I had seeds that had matured into fully-grown beautiful buds-bearing plants. I harvested one Panama Red yielding 284 BUDS, one Acapulco Gold yielding 551 BUDS, and one Mazar I Sharif yielding 619 BUDS. In total my harvest produced 1454 BUDS. Hallelujah!


Now, the days work wasn’t over yet. Now several of my land plots stood empty. We don’t want that. I headed to the market as I was in need of new seeds.

I picked up two new Panama Red at 70 BUDS each. The Panama Red seed has a production range of 30-325, so if I’m unlucky there’s a risk I’ll lose money on this purchase. It seems unlikely, though.

I also brought home one new Acapulco Gold which cost me 240 BUDS. It’s guaranteed to produce at least 350 BUDS so that’s some upcoming profit secured.

Lastly I needed a Mazar I Sharif for my empty Afghanistan land plot. It was purchased for 288 BUDS and will produce at least 600 so that’s lovely.


This blessed harvest day produced an income of 1454 BUDS and my expenses to keep the operation going was 668 BUDS. All in all my profits were 786 BUDS in the bank.

Happy farming!



This is not financial advice. Do your own research. You are responsible for your own personal decisions and your own personal economy.

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