HashKings: Farmer’s Market



As a brand new farmer in HashKings, I felt that I wanted to invest in a few more resources to get me started a bit quicker.

So I went shopping at the Farmer’s Market! Or rather the NFTMart.

I shook loose 60 HIVE to use as my starting capital. I’ll try my best to quickly become profitable so I can start buying assets from in game resources that I’ll sell, but a little invested cash to get started is always nice.

I might add 40 more HIVE to the sixty to have an even 100 HIVE invested as starting capital into HashKings.

My Starter Kit

I’m still not completely sure which role I’m going to aim to fulfill, but I don’t need to decided that yet. First off, I’d like to become a small functioning simple farmer.

For my starting capital I bought:

  • 2 Land Plot (Afghanistan) 2x20 HIVE
  • 3 Water Tower (Level 2) 3x4.2 HIVE
  • 2 Seed (Mazar I Sharif) 2x0.178 HIVE

All this for a total of 52.956 HIVE.

Why These Assets?

I decided to spring for Afghanistan land plots as they are a middle tier land option. Getting any land of a higher tier was simply too expensive currently. So 2 Afghanistan land plots felt perfect.


The best seeds that I can grow in this region is the Hindu Kush. It has a 4 days sprouting time compared to the 7 days sprouting time Panama Red that I’m growing now in my South American land plot, almost twice as quick. The Hindu Kush has a BUDS production range of 1825 to 2175. Feels like a decent start to me. I decided to not get these seeds yet, though. I’m starting off the the cheapest in the region and working my way up instead. These seeds has a sprouting time of 6 days and a production range of 600-850 BUDS.


I decided to get three Water Towers. These assets are limited in number and every farmer needs a lot of water. Becoming self-sufficient in water would mean that I don’t need to buy water off the market or rent Water Towers myself. If I build on this role as a Water Baron, I’d amass enough water towers to rent them out, and while not rented out they’d produce HKWATER which I could sell for a profit.


Starting out though, I want that water for myself. Water needed to harvest the Mazar I Sharif seeds are 1296 HKWATER per seed. My three Level 2 Water Towers brings in 98 HKWATER each per day. That’s 294 HKWATER per day in total. If I save water for 6 days (my seeds sprouting time), I’d get 1764 water, enough to water roughly 1.5 Seed.

So I can see myself needing to buy more Water Towers or upgrading the ones that I got to get out of the rat race of water buying.

These are just some post-shopping thoughts. Let’s get back out in the field!


This is not financial advice. Do your own research. You are responsible for your own personal decisions and your own personal economy.

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