Decyphering his lies :

Authored by @theemperortries

1 spicetraders don't want to work ! Just LoL ! it's very funny to listen to a guy sooo lost, sooo disconnect, with noooo idea of what is going on... it's sadening even... but it could be his little trick... anyway, as said... to the machine :).

2 leglizing cannabis would be cowardness (not him some cops who love to get bribes from the spice trade and use it raping sexslaves) : what is the cowardness? lol... being rational logic and in accordance with the evolution of plants of earth, aka the plant of the creation doesn't seem to me to be cowardess! cowardness is to be a hyprocrite to profit from the illegal trade, creating insecurities for all, rather than move to a legal status framework.

3 we return to our first target : ravage of cannabis, ask a toxicological doctor... LoL... since when it is a toxic? don't see the conflict of itnerest ? too low iq for sure !!! and beyond the concept of liberty? the concept of master of our own bodies? plant of the creation in the body of the creature? grass feeding one o one !

4 nazi ! this fucking guy is a nazi ! I keep my cool ... what did he say ? that everywhere it was tempted it was a failure... the 5000+ year old ball in china? egypt till the worthless piece of shit scumbag imposter made trouble (aka 1000 years after PBUH, egypt was not kuffar like him in napoleon invasion and occupation (did he destroyed the sphynx btw???)

5 failure in spain? what the fuck? this guy is compeltly mad... sad... sad... no knowledge... just a biodrone (thus the woodshipper)

6 now this guy is even "supreme judge" he knows what is failure About plant policy and what isn't... this arrogance of some french people is more than annoying and not a real reflection of the avg french people, who doesn't give a shit as long as you let him alone (hmmm... yeah... not that much, more like the russians said about a cops next, and a cop inside...).

7 political will ? result? what the fuck, UNO said ERADICATED GENOCIDED in 25 years? result little shit? france is RUINED, WE ARE ALL FUCKING FEEDED WITH YOU (you are not the cops going to die because of a fucking plant, nor have their families threaten by being nailed on walls with their stomachs open and that's just for fun..., then there is real pure small scale warfare... I say some scale, but for the unaware... it's real battles !!! I am sure there real struggle is to bring those xm1158 to the main fronts :D...

8 LoL now it's "medical jail" aka a man paid to get you out of your addiction... lol, this thing is not even interested in you succeeding otherwise he lose his captive income stream ! lol...

9 try to be the little nice guy... we are gonna help blah blah blah !

anyway, I lose my time !!!

okay okay I... there are as always more targets popping up :D a classic :




one day it will be solved... I don't worry ! they may not like it, but I don't care... as said I have no problem with iran, nk, cuba and bashar ! but those...

they better do a goebels !!! that's my only advice !!

so summary :

good mental state, a little bit tired, usless waste of time, sure alexjones would have been way more interesting ! but what you do !

( I need working tech :D)