Cite me a non failling "catholic" state? the imperial project to find a non prohibitonist country and take it over !

Authored by @theemperor

simply, the question, is clear, appart monaco I don't see, and still a plant nazi... so moving on...

why shall I subject my life to worthless lowiq no future subhumans? tell me?

no reason.

so the plan is simple :

find a modern real country where plants of the creation are no criminalized.

then take it over

because I am sure, already there, the filthy nwo, cathos, fucking uno and all the others crap are circling like weaked sharks...

we will win.

we have god on our side.

never forget

they pretend to rule the creation, what can live, or not

but they forget, or don't even know, nor can understand nor accept the word :

the dunyha...

will you kill the plants of god? your life in the dunyah... kuffars....