All French Politicians and their descendants since the 12.31.1970 will be hunted down and killed ! it's for co2

Authored by @theHemperor

First we will kill the entire family of Mr. Pierre Mazeaud ! funny Mazo ! how many descendants? again I don't give a shit.

It's not about "equality, fraternity and liberty", nothing to do with it.



we just have to win by violence and then use violence to kill you (We could even make a small law), like you did.

That's the french project...

killing them to liberate france and apply what they said to want : liberty , equality, fraternity

which in reality is : tax tax tax for us, and them luxury luxury and jail for us, and child rape for them...

what is funny in this story, it is easy to do, and for one a domestic affair to me.

you can say no, you can remove my passport, you can do what ever you want, neither I can I change that, and it's not like if I didn't wanted too.

What a failed state, what a failed people, what a fucking lie !

happily it can be solved in blood...

so where are the descendants of Pierre Mazeaud? Who voted yes to his crap?

but that's just one step, it appears it's older

no problem, killing is fun and good for co2 !

let's wait the end of the pandemy #combatgroups #deathsquads so that the victory party (I think we will pack the corpses in place like 200k to 1M and burn them alive in a giant fire, i guess ecological napalm2.0 has made yuge progress in recent years.

Ho NO ! I don't have the right to think like that . I have to be a good tax cattle. I have to conform. I have to obey. I have to be slave. I am born like that , it's the law, they still say...

will see... who lives and dies.

as said the problems aren't the cops, if they want their own children in jail for a plant : more to them or anyone. Not the children of others. big difference.

and participating for them in your coming executions, is necessary for them to live... nuremberg doctrine, less fun than the dresde one (the only one I really like).

ps where are the kiddies pierrot?