Steem vs Pal - Curation


How and why is pal an influence on curation on the steem platform?
I feel people are naturally attracted to #pal as its a growth focused group with a strong basis in helping grow small accounts in a positive and productive way. This is good for the platform, the more people buying - selling - using the native currency, the more it thrives. There are many options about what to do with your valuables when you have them... Some will save them all under the bed in a hidden treasure room like Scrooge McDuck for a rainy day, others will have to trade them in to pay for life necessities, many others will funnel and shift things around until everything is in one distraction (Steem Monsters, Drug Wars, Next Colony, one of the many other dice and gambling games) and its a bonfire of dopamine as they pay to maybe win. Steem enables a good mix of the above, as some posts can legitimately cross post to these various communities... Take me for example, nothing quite brightens my day like firing up the #DabRig and smoking a little bit of Wax for a relaxed body and mind before playing some Steem Monsters or writing a post on Software and the Technology age related things, maybe spreading some of the Buddhist philosophy I've picked up over the last couple years in a post that has you jumping in 42 different directions questioning how to make sense of my ranty Koans,... So thats #WeedCash and #SteemMonsters in a single post... because oftentimes I'd much rather group into one digest, then keep them as seperate posts and clog up peoples feed with a bunch of me.... wait.. I like that idea.. ;-) Anyways, back to the influence... So popular opinion in the financial world is DONT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET... ok, so.. spreading my interest in pal, weedcash, steem and others helps ride the ups and downs easier when for whatever reason things need to move around.. Does this mean I'm going to post spammy things with all the tags to take full advantage of this? Maybe sometimes, I do like to eat too... but most of all, I just want to spread what I know and help others question things, to keep desiring to know more about how things work, and to create. Words are creations... even if they aren't understood by the reader in every context, but if those words can inspire that person to ask even one question that they have a desire to know the answer to... #WorthIt

TLDR; Rob got stoned, and someone said to do a freewrite on pal and steem curation... I started this, to be posted and edited throughout the week.