myBook: A personal Method to Understanding Life & how Everything is Connected


Had an idea to do something along the lines of the following for the back cover of my book... Whenever that drops. ^>^

Life is a series of building blocks, each lesson connecting to the next. As blocks are laid out and then slowly assembled, sometimes a definite idea is in mind. Othertimes they are a random assortment of blocks thron together with vague ideas about directions to go as the blocks are pieced together. Either way, that's ok! Over time, those randomly assembled patterns will eventually lead to a path in the road. The first, a path of continuing the fun of it without thinking about it much, just going with the flow... Or a contrasting path of wanting to improve upon this act, to resist the flow and explore deeper into a rabbit hole of this specific thing... sometimes these "things" will be words, perhaps pictures, or other such things. 
Every action we react to, wether passive or active, is a fork in the road, but also a marker, a point of reflection to "go back to (in) the future",.. there is much word play to be had in life, I could go on forever about tidbits of the most solid "life advice" in all the various forms of "entertainment" or "news", which is really just entertainment in it's own right these days as it's less passing facts and more passing opinion. 
Instant gratification builds upon the random assortment of blocks, grabbing the first one that is available and hoping you can paint something "pretty" later in the game. The format of my posts are very much along the lines of grabbing the closest pen and paper, and getting the "ideas" our as fast as possible,... This is a form of instant gratification in it's own, a desire to get thoughts out before they vanish into the void of my mind, only to occasionally be seen in passing on to other thoughts,.. I've only written but a handful of posts I've put more then 10 minutes of editing into past a "first draft" or additional "research" and otherwise learning more about the history of the topics methods beyond what I've randomly collected in the past. It's not until I go back to those earliest forks in the road in a post, and start researching more into the topic, hoping to paint that perfect score to level up. I, me, you, we, us... 
And this will be possibly expanded upon one day, for now... A new fork in the road arises... 

This has been another "I did a few dabs (marijuana injections) and typed for the next so many minutes" post, oh, and also one of those "go thru and edit to make it more understandable to those who don't want to think tooooo much while reading said posts" post. So, keep smoking and making those steem clouds cousins. I love you all. "Nah ma, stay."