skylinebuds Splinterlands Social Media Challenge - Week 1 - Water Gameplay

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With splinterlands I have been doing live streams almost daily on the Cannabis & Crypto show that last about 2 hours. The first hour is all about the #play2earn space and mostly me playing splinterlands. I am actually enjoying it a lot and you can catch me on @vimm.


With the @splinterlands social media challenge, I thought it would be a great idea to cut up my video a little and add some of the battles from the live stream and share that on social networks like and Twitter. I also do the live stream on youtube so I will be uploading the game play video to that as well.

The more places we share the more likely we are to get some other players joining.

I actually rented a couple of high legendary summoners for these battles, This was clearly a waste of DEC but was worth it for the fun of the battle. Make sure to join me daily at 2:15 EST on vimm to play some splinterlands.




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