Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Grow 3 - #15 - HST & LST - 3speak Exclusive Grow

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Plant 1
Plant 2
Plant 3

What a couple of days of growth they have had this weekend! I think they may actually be ready to flip on the 7th as I was hoping, Well I was hoping the 1st and I likely could have but just wasn't worth it yet.

Plant 1 After Training
Plant 2 After Training,
Plant 3 After Training

I am happy to see the @bifbeans auto is a female, This was a worry of mine but seems it is all good now but will be flowered on 12/12 so I will lose yield but I am hoping the 3 other plants make up for it.
Bifbean Auto
Bifbean Auto

Look at all these FUNGI, I am loving it and hating it, they show the health of the soil but they are also starting to really take over the one side of the tent by the peppers.

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