Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Grow 3 - #13 - Training Going Well

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These cannabis plants just keep bouncing back from the training. I think I will be leaving them alone for a week and hoping they just grow from here. I got may 7th as a flip date but may push that a week depending on the size.

Leaving them till the 14th or even June 1st will allow the autos to finish and the photos to take some intense training.

It is great to see a pea have 3 pods and the one seems to be filling with pea. So if you can't tell this is the first time I have grown peas.

This pepper plant is really packing the weight on now with 3 peppers, I can even see 1 or 2 more coming out.

The autos are slowly coming, The @bifbeans is the one I am really hoping is a female as I have said before. This one is the reason I may wait till June 1st flip.

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