Five-Gallon Challenge Pink Kush x Northern Lights Update #2 2021

Strain Name: Pink Kush x Northern Lights
Strain Type: Re-Veg Clone
Strain Breeder: Unknown
Growing medium: Super Soil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

Pink Kush x Northen Lights

What's up tokers? Week number 2 for the second 5-gallon challenge grow. I am thinking now we got some new people on hive they need to hear what @jonyoudyer grow challenge is all about.

Last Week
This Week

You can see that even cutting the leaves this plant is wanting to produce new leaves quickly. I am glad that it took so easy as the second clone I had didn't take. I think I took it out of the clone dome too early and it has been hard to keep the humidity up in the small tent.

Low Stress Training

I have started a small amount of training by pulling the top over to the side. This will allow a couple of side nodes to grow taller and be tied off to another side of the bucket.

You can see the side shoot is starting to grow past the fan leaves, Once this gets a couple of inches higher it will get tied back.

Top Dress

This has not had anything added this week as I am waiting on an order of EWC that will be in today so I can add a layer of my own Gaia Green mix under the EWC


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