Weekly WEED BURN - Burning Weed Weekly and Giving Rewards On The Daily - Week 4 -



With such a slow week on weedcash for post, we still managed to give some good returns to our investors, I am thinking we push more outside of weedcash to get weedcash content. My goal this week is to start talking about weedcash in other discords on hive, I am sure we got lots of cannabis people here, and people need to learn if you don't want cannabis content on your main create a second account for cannabis content.

@flemingfarm Potting Up Seedlings

@wildwesthash How to Prepare Your Plant for Harvest When Growing for Hash.


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let's take a look at the payouts and liquid from this week.

liquid weedcash - 351 - 105 given to delegators 105 burned

DelegatorAmountWeedcash WeeklyNFT BonusWeedcash Total

As we can see these are some pretty dam good passive returns, So if you have weed around and not voting cannabis content consider delegating to this project.

Now, let's break down the next % of this week,

20% added to liquid pools or 70.2 weedcash

10.77847763 SWAP.HIVE
826.88770007 WEED
worth $17.71

This gives us 0.5% of the pool, I am aiming to make it to 1% and grow, So we got about 1000 weed left before that.


Being fully transparent with this account and the delegation I have been trusted with you can view the collection here https://www.weedcash.network/@skylinebuds-weed/collection

I have given out a total of 16 NFTs since the start of this project from games like @risingstargame and splinterlands, We also give from the community NFTs. I am hoping we can keep adding more nfts to the collection to give away.


You can also view anything I have done with sent payouts and liquid pools on the blockchain or hive-engine,

With the delegation and liquid pools and along with the powering up of 5%, I am left with 105 weedcash to burn this week,

Skylinebuds NFTs

With the release of my NFTs on my main account, I am also using that to help this project and to help burn more weed, I am on a mission to burn 10k Weed by the end of 2022 so I am pushing hard to get that done and also build this curation project to maybe included some other Tribes by the end of 2022 but more so try to onboard people eventually with contests for seeds and such.

So let's break down NFTs sold on my main so far

Total Weed From Sales - 230

15% of the NFT sales getting burned - 30
15% Being Powered Up to @skylinebuds-weed curation - 30
15% Powered up to @skylinebuds - 30
15% To buy other NFTs on Weedcash - 30
15% to Liquid Pools to help weedcash - 30
5% to Delegators of the Project 10
10% To Make More NFTs - 20


Weedcash Delegation -

30% of the Liquid this account earns weekly will be given back to delegators, I know this seems like you will earn more without doing this but you are helping with other things like liquid pool and burning weedcash. (I know this is a bigger drop but with all the liquid coming from post payouts I think this will still be a great number.)

30% of the liquid is burned with post promotion for weekly curation reports. (This number will never change unless it goes up)

20% added to weedcash liquid pools (For now we have enough liquid hive to add 20% to liquid pool)

10% added to weedcash liquid pools
10% swapped to swap.hive for liquid pool

10% going to buy Community NFTs ( Drop your weedcash NFT in comments)

5% going to buy @splinterlands, @risingstargame cards to add to contests

5% is powered up to help earn more curation rewards.

with the account, 10% of hive will start to be powered down weekly to help add to liquid pools.


Tribe Tokens

Now again being transparent I plan to stake 50% of the tribe tokens earned from post and curation and the other 50% will be sold weekly to earn swap.hive and help the liquid pools and maybe even give some to delegators if we find we are earning a good amount.


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