WeedCash Curation Report, BURN, Contest, We Do It All - 19 - Win a NFT or Three - Total Weed Smoked - 308 Grams (Tokens)


Well with the 3speak error that happen yesterday we got a load of posts
that is old, I mean not that it is bad as some great content was reloaded and we might as well drop them a few votes.

So not sure 100% what was a reload and a real new post so let's just jump in and see what we curated today. Don't forget to come join and see how many WEED we burn and give back to delegators today, Live on Cannabis & Crypto

This one is a new post - Great DYI for PM [I don't use milk but know this works]





https://www.weedcash.network/@lacausa/qpcsukgl - Old But DANK




Make sure to go check out these posts and swing some comment love on them, This is always engaging for people to keep posting. I mean rewards are nice but activity is better.

I am going to just keep staking and delegating to this account from my main account payouts. This will help push better curation rewards.

Check out the weekly curation report and burn post - https://www.weedcash.network/@skylinebuds-weed/weekly-weedburn-report-burning-weed-weekly-and-giving-rewards-on-the-daily-week-2


To keep with the curation giveaways I am going to follow the same steps and rules, I am hoping you will come to the show on Grow Radio and get you prizes daily.

The prizes may change or be subject to differences if we have more than one winner and not more than 1 of the same NFT. I will always send 1 from the game we offer and some weedcash NFTs from the community.


To start let's check the rules.

  1. One entry per person
  2. No comments edit
  3. Person closes wins the daily prize
  4. Have fun Comment Share NO VOTES NEEDED FOR ENTRY
  5. Claim Prizes On Canna-Curate

With the daily contest ending on Cannabis & Crypto, you still have some time to go drop a number, This is such an easy way to win some splinterlands cards, With the new show coming live daily I am thinking we got changes coming to the way this contest works, The number of people we have leaving a comment is awesome but lacking the Weedcash people and that is disappointing, to be honest. So starting today if you want your prize you will need to come claim it on Cannabis & Crypto in Canna-Curate We will be doing the live giveaways from now on, YOu will need to leave the guess on-chain so it is logged forever

With the week-long giveaway, we also have a daily giveaway so join both, The daily is for a random @risingstargame or @splinterlands game NFT, You will get to pick the game you want a reward for in Canna-Curate on Cannabis & Crypto.

This is a simple one still with the numbers, But I think we will have to change it up and do 420-430, I am hoping we see more than 10 but I do know or will give a hint that next, we will be going back to pick a strain.

We are going to pick the same numbers again today, I forgot to take some photos of strain yesterday but is on the to-do list today.

Week Long

The week-long contest ending next Sunday will be for a @risingstargame @oneup-cartel Juan up NFT card. This contest will be a little harder and I am hoping to get some good posts but I want at least 300-word post on your idea to collab 1up with weedcash, I am not saying this will ever happen or anything is in the works I just would like to see what the community has to say about a 1up and weedcash collab. This can be a game or a @nftstudios Chifibot card but I am hoping we see at least a few entries with different ideas.

So entry rules are as follows -

  1. 300+ Word post on a way 1up and weedcash can collab,
  2. use #weedcash & #oneup Tag, Don't matter what frontend or community
    as long as it is with the tags.
  3. Drop the post as a comment on this post, Easy to find and an upvote
    can be given.

Weedcash Delegation -

This again is subject to change at any time but I will always try to change for the better. I can make see if we can get a channel in to discuss changes with delegators as it gets bigger.

30% of the Liquid this account earns weekly will be given back to delegators, I know this seems like you will earn more without doing this but you are helping with other things like liquid pool and burning weedcash. (I know this is a bigger drop but with all the liquid coming from post payouts I think this will still be a great number.)

30% of the liquid is burned with post promotion for weekly curation reports. (This number will never change unless it goes up)

20% added to weedcash liquid pools (For now we have enough liquid hive to add 20% to the liquid pool)

10% going to buy Community NFTs ( Drop your weedcash NFT in comments)

5% going to buy @splinterlands, @risingstargame cards to add to contests

5% is powered up to help earn more curation rewards.

with the account, 10% of hive will start to be powered down weekly to help add to liquid pools.

Now again being transparent I plan to stake 50% of the tribe tokens earned from post and curation and the other 50% will be sold weekly to earn swap.hive and help the liquid pools and maybe even give some to delegators if we find we are earning a good amount.

thanks to loonatic and jonyoudyer futuremind qwerdy for the support, You are greatly appreciated.


Skylinebuds NFTs

With the release of my NFTs on my main account, I am also using that to help this project and to help burn more weed, I am on a mission to burn 10k Weed by the end of 2022 so I am pushing hard to get that done and also build this curation project to maybe included some other Tribes by the end of 2022 but more so try to onboard people eventually with contests for seeds and such.

15% of the NFT sales getting burned - 105
15% Being Powered Up to @skylinebuds-weed curation - 105
15% Powered up to @skylinebuds - 105
15% To buy other NFTs on Weedcash - 105
15% to Liquid Pools to help weedcash - 105
5% to Delegators of the Project 35
10% To Make More NFTs - 70

After the sales of the NFTs and liquid, we can now burn a total of 303.4, We are able to burn almost 200 weed this week.