Carnivals, Flowers, Pot Shops, Sports Gambling And So Much More

Such a action packed beautiful sunday today, started off my day with some cheap coffee with some yummy french vanilla creamers.

Then I went outside to the porch, to see what what the weather looked like, it was amazing outside, the weather was pefecto.

So I took a walk to downtown. Saw lots of neat art at a business beside the flee market.

They had this neat plaque thing of Grant Hill for the Detroit Pistons

I looked in the flee market briefly, but nothing caught my eye and besides I had a very long walk ahead of me, I had to walk all the way to the dollarama, the location I had to go to was over an hour away. So I carried on my way, walked about a half an hour and I saw the store called Sessions, which is right neat The Real Canadian Superstore. I always wanted to look in Sessions, but everytime in the past I was near there the wife would tell me no dont go in there, we have to buy groceries and then go home. But this time I was alone, so I went in.
It was rad in there, lots of neat looking bongs and pipes. I thought the one that looked like a Care Bear was great.

After going in there, I sat for a break, near the Real Canadian Superstore. They had very pretty flowers were I sat

I continued on my walk to the dollarama, I cut thru the Mall and when I got out of the other side of the mall, I saw a carnival, wow it looked rad, so I went to check it out, I felt like a kid seeing all the rides and the games.

I wasn't going to leave the carnival empty handed, so I decided to play the basketball game, I thought to myself, I better still have my balling skills, I better not miss.

Yes success I sunk the basket, I won a little wolfy, it will be a present for my wife

After that I made it to the dollarama, I picked what I needed there, then I went to the Metro grocery store to pick up some water, and once again I got sidetracked looking at flowers

I made it back downtown and went to the library, by the time I got there, the mlb game of Toronto Blue Jays Vs The New York Mets was on, it was 4 to 2 for the Blue Jays, so I put a dollar on the Mets, because I would win more money if they win. The Mets made a comeback, but then they blew it. So I lost a dollar, oh well better luck next time

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The yellow and orange shades in the first ones make it feel like autumn again.