Bogarts Time


I decided to go check out this store, me and the wife always drive by it when we pick up her chicken sharwarma.
I can't handle pot lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to pick up a joint there for my neighbour for a gift.
The store is called Bogarts Cannibis, they have two stores in this city. It seems like an interesting concept, its a sports themed pot shop. They had neat sports figures, like this old school Montreal Expos

Also a little Joe Dumar basketball player

They also had football helmets and stuff

Also some old baseball helmets

They also do giveaways every once and a while for autographed Jerseys to loyal customers

It seemed interesting there, the owner told me to check out the Lakeshore Location of Bogarts because it is a lot better, I'll have to go there sometime soon!

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