One day as a shark: January 7 2021



Well, well, well. My Garmin watch shows 15,854 steps and that's definitely what I feel like I walked. Today was another ten-hour day at work and I got in some pretty intense, heart-racing work when I climbed up onto the tops of a truck full of pallets to shove more boxes up on top of the pallets. Very quickly. And while it's winter in Wisconsin, it actually got very hot up there. It was a full truck going to Canada and they like to pack them basically as full as possible because of the freight costs.

Worked a long day, stopped at the beer store, ate some leftover pizza, and had a few beers. That's been my night so day. The day was very active. Basically on my feet all day. Then I came home and did the opposite for a few hours before I go to sleep and hit repeat.

Happy Thursday!
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